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gridly - :zap: The minimal (~100-170 bytes) grid system for modern browsers.

  •    HTML

The minimal (~100-170 bytes) grid system for modern browsers. If you need to support more browsers, you can use the prefixed versions. They're located in dist/prefixed. They're ~1.8× the size of their counterparts.

loadjs - A tiny async loader / dependency manager for modern browsers (789 bytes)

  •    Javascript

LoadJS is a tiny async loader for modern browsers (789 bytes). LoadJS is a tiny async loading library for modern browsers (IE9+). It has a simple yet powerful dependency management system that lets you fetch JavaScript, CSS and image files in parallel and execute code after the dependencies have been met. The recommended way to use LoadJS is to include the minified source code of loadjs.js in your <html> (possibly in the <head> tag) and then use the loadjs global to manage JavaScript dependencies after pageload.

cash - An absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers

  •    Javascript

Cash is an absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers (IE10+) that provides jQuery-style syntax for manipulating the DOM. Utilizing modern browser features to minimize the codebase, developers can use the familiar chainable methods at a fraction of the file size. 100% feature parity with jQuery isn't a goal, but cash comes helpfully close, covering most day to day use cases. An 85% gain in size reduction. If you need a smaller bundle, we support partial builds too.

noVNC: HTML VNC Client Library and Application

  •    Javascript

noVNC is both a HTML VNC client JavaScript library and an application built on top of that library. noVNC runs well in any modern browser including mobile browsers (iOS and Android). It supports scaling, clipping and resizing the desktop, Local cursor rendering, Clipboard copy/paste, Supported VNC encodings: raw, copyrect, rre, hextile, tight, tightPNG, Touch gestures for emulating common mouse actions.

clipboard-copy - Lightweight copy to clipboard for the web

  •    Javascript

The goal of this package is to offer simple copy-to-clipboard functionality in modern web browsers using the fewest bytes. To do so, this package only supports modern browsers. No fallback using Adobe Flash, no hacks. Just 30 lines of code.Unlike other implementations, text copied with clipboard-copy is clean and unstyled. Copied text will not inherit HTML/CSS styling like the page's background color.

slendr - A responsive & lightweight (1.9KB gzipped) slider for modern browsers.

  •    TypeScript

A responsive & lightweight slider for modern browsers. Built on the top of ES6 with minimum Javascript (1.9KB gzipped) and CSS3 Hardware Acceleration performance in mind.

minimal-meteor-app - Minimal app for testing the Meteor 1.7 modern/legacy system

  •    Javascript

Visit minimal.meteorapp.com to check the modern/legacy classification of your browser. If any classification seems inappropriate, please open an issue.

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