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Skater - Python Library for Model Interpretation/Explanations

  •    Python

Skater is a unified framework to enable Model Interpretation for all forms of model to help one build an Interpretable machine learning system often needed for real world use-cases(** we are actively working towards to enabling faithful interpretability for all forms models). It is an open source python library designed to demystify the learned structures of a black box model both globally(inference on the basis of a complete data set) and locally(inference about an individual prediction). The project was started as a research idea to find ways to enable better interpretability(preferably human interpretability) to predictive "black boxes" both for researchers and practioners. The project is still in beta phase.

libyang - YANG data modeling language library

  •    C

libyang is a YANG data modelling language parser and toolkit written (and providing API) in C. The library is used e.g. in libnetconf2, Netopeer2 or sysrepo projects. Current implementation covers YANG 1.0 (RFC 6020) as well as YANG 1.1 (RFC 7950).

PsyNeuLink - A block modeling system for cognitive neuroscience

  •    Python

PsyNeuLink is an open-source, software environment written in Python, and designed for the needs of neuroscientists, psychologists, computational psychiatrists and others interested in learning about and building models of the relationship between brain function, mental processes and behavior. PsyNeuLink is alpha software, that is still being actively developed. Although it is useable, and most of the documented functionality is available, some features may not yet be fully implemented and/or subject to modification.

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