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Claymore MVP

  •    ASPNET

Claymore is a simple MVP (Model View Presenter) framework targeting ASP.NET and Winform developers. Compact Framework is also supported.


  •    DotNet

NMock3 builds on the work of NMock2. Specifically it adds lambda expressions to the matcher syntax. You can use lambda expressions instead of strings, making refactoring possible. The idea of Syntactic Sugar is maintained in that all expectations read like an English sentence.

ASP.Net MVP Framework

  •    ASPNET

A project to get you started with creating and designing websites. The project is intended to provide you with guidance for whatever you want to do in ASP.Net. We hope to make it easier for you to create and reuse your websites by focusing on productivity and quality.

Model View Presenter (MVP) For Win Forms and ASP.NET Examples

  •    CSharp

Model-View-Presenter (MVP) is a great pattern for creating re-usable and testable applications whether it is for Windows Forms or for ASP.NET. You don’t need any DLL files at all to turn your project in to MVP project. You just need to follow some basic guidelines and rules.

Web Forms MVP

  •    ASPNET

A simple Model-View-Presenter framework for ASP.NET Web Forms to aid in building testable and maintainable ASP.NET projects. Features support for normal server controls, data-binding and async pages. Requires ASP.NET 3.5 SP1

Android-Base-Components - Base Components library are a set of utilities used in the android development current process

  •    Java

Note: You can use just the components necessary that you need to solve your problems, It is not mandatory to use all. When you needs hideLoading and showLoading methods to show some progress view on Ui you can use BasePresenterLoader.

Android-Spotify-MVP - Android Sample to explain Model View Presenter in android applications.

  •    Java

Example android Model View Presenter used to explain how to use this pattern in our android applications. This example was created to support an article explanation Model View Presenter en Android (spanish).

Dagger2-MVP-Sample - Android Sample to explain Dagger 2 and MVP in android applications.

  •    Java

Example Dagger 2 using MVP pattern to show how to use this library and pattern in our android applications. MarioKart Kata for Android Developers The main goal is to practice Dependency injection using Dagger 2.

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