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  •    CoffeeScript

Crossbrowser & lightweight way to check if user is looking at the page or interacting with it. (wrapper around HTML5 visibility api)

DKNightVersion - Manage Colors, Integrate Night/Multiple Themes

  •    Objective-C

DKNightVersion supports multiple methods for installing the library in a project. CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Objective-C, which automates and simplifies the process of using 3rd-party libraries like DKNightVersion in your projects. See the Get Started section for more details.

dark-mode-toggle - A custom element that allows you to easily put a Dark Mode 🌒 toggle or switch on your site:

  •    Javascript

A custom element that allows you to easily put a Dark Mode 🌒 toggle or switch on your site, so you can initially adhere to your users' preferences according to prefers-color-scheme, but also allow them to (optionally permanently) override their system setting for just your site. 📚 Read all(!) about dark mode in the related article Hello Darkness, My Old Friend.

to-fast-properties - Force V8 to use fast properties for an object

  •    Javascript

Read more.Use %HasFastProperties(object) and --allow-natives-syntax to check whether an object already has fast properties.

build-status - Emacs minor mode that monitors and shows a buffer's build status in the mode line.

  •    Emacs

Emacs minor mode that shows a buffer's build status in the mode line. M-x build-status-mode in a buffer that's part of a CI project.

electron-is-dev - Check if Electron is running in development

  •    Javascript

Useful for enabling debug features only during development.Can be overridden by setting the ELECTRON_IS_DEV environment variable to 1.

node-dark-mode - Control the macOS dark mode

  •    Javascript

Requires macOS 10.10 or later.All the methods return a Promise.

dark-mode-cli - Control the macOS dark mode from the command-line

  •    Javascript

Requires macOS 10.10 or later.Convenience npm package for the dark-mode binary.

fs-access - Node.js 0.12 fs.access() & fs.accessSync() ponyfill

  •    Javascript

See the fs.access() & fs.accessSync() docs.Mode flags are on the fsAccess instance instead of fs. Only the F_OK mode is supported.

stat-mode - Offers convenient getters and setters for the fs.stat()'s `mode`

  •    Javascript

You know that mode property on the fs.Stat object that you probably usually just ignore? Well there's acutally a lot of information packed into that number.This module helps you extract that information.

rage-power - A React wrapper component for your rage typing need.

  •    Javascript

A React wrapper component for your rage typing need. Wrap this component around your input component.

helm-describe-modes - Major and minor mode info with Helm

  •    Emacs

helm-describe-modes provides a Helm interface to Emacs’s describe-mode. It lists the major mode, active minor modes, and inactive minor modes using Helm, and provides actions for each mode. For information about the Helm framework, see the Helm project.

node-stats-lite - A light statistical package that operates on Arrays.

  •    Javascript

A fairly light statistical package. Works with numeric arrays, and will automatically filter out non-numeric values and attempt to convert string numeric values. All of the exported functions take vals which is an array of numeric values. Non-numeric values will be removed, and string numbers will be converted to Numbers.

tfl.api - NodeJS Wrapper for Transport for London API

  •    Javascript

Simple NodeJS wrapper API for https://api.tfl.gov.uk/ using superagent and promises. Contributions are welcome. Please submit a pull request. If you encounter any issues, please submit an Issue.

Themes - 👕👚 Theme management in Swift

  •    Swift

Ever want to support Night mode? Or skin the app differently depending on the seasons? Or toggle features according to paid status? Well, those are actually reactions to app events. Themes is here to help. Usually, you have a finite number of colors and fonts in an app. You can have many more but that is not encourage and has design smells. When you have a theme, changing happens in one place.

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