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faker.js - generate massive amounts of fake data in Node.js and the browser

  •    Javascript

faker.js contains a super useful generator method Faker.fake for combining faker API methods using a mustache string format.

interfake - :computer: Fake APIs for prototypes & automated tests.

  •    Javascript

Interfake is a tool which allows developers of client-side applications of any platform to easily create dummy HTTP APIs to develop against. Let's get started with a simple example.If you don't want to use the JavaScript method to create your Interfake API, go read up on all the methods. Otherwise, read on.

sinon-chai - Extends Chai with assertions for the Sinon.JS mocking framework.

  •    Javascript

Sinon–Chai provides a set of custom assertions for using the Sinon.JS spy, stub, and mocking framework with the Chai assertion library. You get all the benefits of Chai with all the powerful tools of Sinon.JS. All of your favorite Sinon.JS assertions made their way into Sinon–Chai. We show the should syntax here; the expect equivalent is also available.

NSubstitute - A friendly substitute for .NET mocking libraries.

  •    CSharp

Visit the NSubstitute website for more information. NSubstitute is designed as a friendly substitute for .NET mocking libraries.

json-schema-faker - JSON-Schema + fake data generators

  •    Javascript

Use JSON Schema along with fake generators to provide consistent and meaningful fake data for your system. Usage info from README.md was moved to docs/, read more.

mockolo - Efficient Mock Generator for Swift

  •    Swift

Mockolo is an efficient mock generator for Swift. Swift doesn't provide mocking support, and Mockolo provides a fast and easy way to autogenerate mock objects that can be tested in your code. One of the main objectives of Mockolo is fast performance. Unlike other frameworks, Mockolo provides highly performant and scalable generation of mocks via a lightweight commandline tool, so it can run as part of a linter or a build if one chooses to do so. Try Mockolo and enhance your project's test coverage in an effective, performant way. One of the main objectives of this project is high performance. There aren't many 3rd party tools that perform fast on a large codebase containing, for example, over 2M LoC or over 10K protocols. They take several hours and even with caching enabled take several minutes. Mockolo was built to make highly performant generation of mocks possible (in the magnitude of seconds) on such large codebase. It uses a minimal set of frameworks necessary (mentioned in the Used libraries section) to keep the code lean and efficient.



A dot-net-a-ma-bob eco-system designed to be 'simples' to use.

node-sandboxed-module - A sandboxed node

  •    Javascript

A sandboxed node.js module loader that lets you inject dependencies into your modules.This module is intended to ease dependency injection for unit testing. However, feel free to use it for whatever crimes you can think of.

ridicule - Mocking everything

  •    Javascript

The following options are available for configuration.

http-fake-backend - Build a fake backend by providing the content of JSON files or JavaScript objects through configurable routes

  •    Javascript

Build a fake backend by providing the content of JSON files or JavaScript objects through configurable routes.It actually can serve the content of other file types as well as sending the files itself as response.

import-modify - Modify the source of an imported module

  •    Javascript

Same as you would use in require().Function where you modify the source and return the new one.

fixer - Setup your test database using fixtures in a breeze.

  •    Javascript

Node.js module to setup your test database using fixtures in a breeze. Inspired by Rails fixtures.See example/load_fixtures.js.

Xamarin.Forms.Mocks - Library for running Xamarin.Forms inside of unit tests

  •    CSharp

If you've ever written any complicated logic inside a Xamarin.Forms View, you quickly realize that this code can't be unit tested easily. Your colleagues will tell you to MVVM all the things, but you cannot get around interacting with Xamarin.Forms itself. Things like navigation, animations, custom markup extensions, etc. can become an untested mess.

chai-spies - Spies for Chai Assertion Library.

  •    Javascript

This is an addon plugin for the chai assertion library. It provides the most basic function spy ability and tests. This library is primarily meant to serve as a starting point for anyone interested in developing chai plugins. If developing a module, you are welcome to use this as a starting point. I also encourage the use of the compile tools to allow modules to work both in node.js and the browser.

mock_component - Easily mock components for Angular TestBed tests.

  •    TypeScript

NgMocks consolidates mock-component, mock-directive, and mock-pipe into one package making it easier to maintain. Also, if you like mock-component/ng-mocks you may also like shallow-render.

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