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meck - A mocking library for Erlang

  •    Erlang

A mocking library for Erlang. See what's new in 0.8 Release Notes.

react-remock - Get any Component replaced. Anywhere. 🛠♻️

  •    TypeScript

JFYI: You can mock any React Component, rendered anywhere, and for the any reason. This is like proxyquire, or jest.mock. Not for node.js, but for React. Pure React Dependency Injection.

mockito-scala - Mockito for Scala language

  •    Scala

The library has independent developers, release cycle and versioning from core mockito library (https://github.com/mockito/mockito). This is intentional because core Mockito developers don't use Scala and cannot confidently review PRs, and set the vision for the Scala library.

firebase-mock - Firebase mock library for writing unit tests

  •    Javascript

Firebase Mock supports the client-side JavaScript API and server-side Admin API plus a small set of utility methods documented fully in the API Reference. Rather than make a server call that is actually asynchronous, Firebase Mock allows you to either trigger callbacks synchronously or asynchronously with a specified delay (ref.flush).