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OCMockito - Mockito for Objective-C: creation, verification and stubbing of mock objects

  •    Objective-C

OCMockito is an iOS and Mac OS X implementation of Mockito, supporting creation, verification and stubbing of mock objects. Mock objects are always "nice," recording their calls instead of throwing exceptions about unspecified invocations. This makes tests less fragile.

Mockito - Most popular Mocking framework for unit tests written in Java

  •    Java

Mockito is a mocking framework that tastes really good. It lets you write beautiful tests with a clean & simple API. Mockito doesn’t give you hangover because the tests are very readable and they produce clean verification errors.

mockk - mocking library for Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

We are actively looking for contributors and co-authors. There are two ambitious goals, that look unachievable at first sight, but in my opinion is essential to win Kotlin competition and require just hard and inventive work. They are - support for Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native platforms. If you think you can accept one of this two challenges and join us please contact me. All you need to get started is just to add a dependency to MockK library.

Mock Service Worker - Seamless REST/GraphQL API mocking library for browser and Node

  •    Javascript

Mock by intercepting requests on the network level. Seamlessly reuse the same mock definition for testing, development, and debugging. Browser usage is what sets Mock Service Worker apart from other tools. Utilizing the Service Worker API that intercepts requests for the purpose of caching, Mock Service Worker responds to captured requests with your mock definition on the network level. This way your application knows nothing about the mocking.

Kakapo.js - :bird: Next generation mocking framework in Javascript

  •    Javascript

Kakapo its a full featured http mocking library, he allows you to entirely replicate your backend logic in simple and declaritive way directly in the browser. This way you can easily prototype and develop the whole Application without backend and just deactivate Kakapo when you go production. In order to achieve that Kakapo gives you a set of utilities like Routing, Database, Response, Request and so on... Use the kakapo router to declare two custom routes and returning custom data.

mockolo - Efficient Mock Generator for Swift

  •    Swift

Mockolo is an efficient mock generator for Swift. Swift doesn't provide mocking support, and Mockolo provides a fast and easy way to autogenerate mock objects that can be tested in your code. One of the main objectives of Mockolo is fast performance. Unlike other frameworks, Mockolo provides highly performant and scalable generation of mocks via a lightweight commandline tool, so it can run as part of a linter or a build if one chooses to do so. Try Mockolo and enhance your project's test coverage in an effective, performant way. One of the main objectives of this project is high performance. There aren't many 3rd party tools that perform fast on a large codebase containing, for example, over 2M LoC or over 10K protocols. They take several hours and even with caching enabled take several minutes. Mockolo was built to make highly performant generation of mocks possible (in the magnitude of seconds) on such large codebase. It uses a minimal set of frameworks necessary (mentioned in the Used libraries section) to keep the code lean and efficient.

SimpleStubs - *SimpleStubs* is a simple mocking framework that supports Universal Windows Platform (UWP),

  •    CSharp

SimpleStubs is a simple mocking framework that supports Universal Windows Platform (UWP), .NET Core and .NET framework. SimpleStubs is currently developed and maintained by Microsoft BigPark Studios in Vancouver.The framework can be installed to your test project using Etg.SimpleStubs NuGet package.

umock-c - A pure C mocking library

  •    C

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments.umock_c is a C mocking library.

mockito-scala - Mockito for Scala language

  •    Scala

The library has independent developers, release cycle and versioning from core mockito library (https://github.com/mockito/mockito). This is intentional because core Mockito developers don't use Scala and cannot confidently review PRs, and set the vision for the Scala library.

pegomock - Pegomock is a powerful, yet simple mocking framework for the Go programming language

  •    Go

PegoMock is a mocking framework for the Go programming language. It integrates well with Go's built-in testing package, but can be used in other contexts too. It is based on golang/mock, but uses a DSL closely related to Mockito. This will download the package and install an executable pegomock in your $GOPATH/bin.

Delphi-Mocks - A Open Source Mocking framework for Delphi XE2 or later

  •    Pascal

Delphi Mocks is a simple mocking framework for Delphi XE2 or later. It makes use of RTTI features that are only available in Delphi XE2, however I do hope to be able to get it working with earlier versions of Delphi (2010 or later) at some stage.

PCLMock - A simple mocking framework in a PCL.

  •    CSharp

Existing mocking frameworks, such as Moq, do not work on platforms running a limited subset of the .NET framework. Writing mocks without the aid of a framework is laborious, error-prone, and results in inconsistent code. PCLMock aims to reduce this pain. There are also packages specific to code generation.

Mockit - A simple mocking framework for Swift, inspired by the famous http://mockito.org/

  •    Swift

Mockit is a Tasty mocking framework for unit tests in Swift 4.0. It's at an early stage of development, but its current features are almost completely usable. Mockit is a mocking framework that tastes brilliant. It lets you write beautiful tests with a clean & simple API. Tests written using Mockit are very readable and they produce clean verification errors. It's inspired by the famous mocking framework for Java - Mockito.

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