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open-sustainable-technology - Listing of worldwide open technology projects preserving a stable climate, energy supply and vital natural resources


A curated list of open technology projects to sustain a stable climate, energy supply, and vital natural resources. Our ambition is to list all sustainable, open and actively maintained sustainable technology projects worldwide. Your contribution is necessary to keep this list alive, increase the quality and to expand it. Read more about its origin and how you can participate in the contribution guide, community chat, presentation slides and related blog post. Please contact us to give feedback, hints and ideas for OpenSustain.tech or create an issue.

steve - SteVe - OCPP server implementation in Java

  •    Java

SteVe was developed at the RWTH Aachen University and means Steckdosenverwaltung, namely socket administration in German. The aim of SteVe is to support the deployment and popularity of electric mobility, so it is easy to install and to use. SteVe provides basic functions for the administration of charge points, user data, and RFID cards for user authentication and was tested successfully in operation. SteVe is considered as an open platform to implement, test and evaluate novel ideas for electric mobility, like authentication protocols, reservation mechanisms for charge points, and business models for electric mobility. SteVe is distributed under GPL and is free to use. If you are going to deploy SteVe we are happy to see the logo on a charge point.

flix - JavaScript client for the FlixBus (Meinfernbus) / FlixTrain API.

  •    Javascript

JavaScript client for the FlixBus (Meinfernbus) / FlixTrain API. Complies with the friendly public transport format. Inofficial, using endpoints by FlixMobility. Ask them for permission before using this module in production. This package contains data in the Friendly Public Transport Format.

goat - This is the home of Geo Open Accessibility Tool (GOAT)

  •    Vue

This is the homebase of Geo Open Accessibility Tool (GOAT). GOAT is meant to be an open source, interactive, flexible and useful web-tool for accessibility planning. Currenty the tool is maintained by the Startup Plan4Better and the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

simobility - simobility - light-weight mobility simulation framework. Best for quick prototyping

  •    Python

simobility is a human-friendly Python framework that helps scientists and engineers to prototype and compare fleet optimization algorithms (autonomous and human-driven vehicles). It provides a set of building blocks that can be used to design different simulation scenarious, run simulations and calculate metrics. It is easy to plug in custom demand models, customer behavior models, fleet types, spatio-temporal models (for example, use OSRM for routing vehicles and machine learning models trained on historical data to predict ETA). Create an environment for experiments with machine learning algorithms for decision-making problems in mobility services and compare them to classical solutions.

transitland-atlas - an open directory of mobility feeds and operators — powers both Transitland v1 and v2

  •    Python

An open catalog of transit/mobility data feeds and operators. This catalog is used to power the canonical Transitland platform, is available for distributed used of the transitland-lib tooling, and is open to use as a "crosswalk" within other transportation data systems.

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