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MobileNet-Caffe - Caffe Implementation of Google's MobileNets (v1 and v2)

  •    Python

We provide pretrained MobileNet models on ImageNet, which achieve slightly better accuracy rates than the original ones reported in the paper.

tensornets - High level network definitions with pre-trained weights in TensorFlow

  •    Python

High level network definitions with pre-trained weights in TensorFlow (tested with >= 1.1.0). You can install TensorNets from PyPI (pip install tensornets) or directly from GitHub (pip install git+https://github.com/taehoonlee/tensornets.git).

MobileNet-v2-caffe - MobileNet-v2 experimental network description for caffe


MobileNet-v2 experimental network description for caffe. There are some unclear details about the network architechture.

MobilePose-pytorch - Single Person Pose Estimation for Mobile Device

  •    Jupyter

MobilePose is a Tiny PyTorch implementation of single person 2D pose estimation framework. The aim is to provide the interface of the training/inference/evaluation, and the dataloader with various data augmentation options. And final trained model can satisfy basic requirements(speed+size+accuracy) for mobile device. Some codes for mobilenetV2 and display are brought from pytorch-mobilenet-v2 and tf-pose-estimation. Thanks to the original authors.

ssds_pytorch - Multiple basenet MobileNet v1,v2, ResNet combined with SSD detection method and it's variants such as RFB, FSSD etc

  •    Python

This repo contains many object detection methods that aims at single shot and real time, so the speed is the only thing we talk about. Currently we have some base networks that support object detection task such as MobileNet V2, ResNet, VGG etc. And some SSD variants such as FSSD, RFBNet, Retina, and even Yolo are contained. If you have any faster object detection methods welcome to discuss with me to merge it into our master branches.