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  •    TypeScript

The best jQuery plugin for app look-alike on- and off-canvas menus with sliding submenus for your website and webapp. It is very customizable through a wide range of options, extensions and add-ons and it will always fit your needs.Need help? Have a look at the documentation for demos, tutorials, documentation and support. Working on a WordPress site? Check out the mmenu WordPress plugin.


  •    TypeScript

A small framework for creating a beautiful mobile navigation header to accompany the jQuery.mmenu navigation menu on your website and webapp.Need help? Have a look at the documentation for demos and documentation.

WindFarm - Information the Wind concept, spec and upcoming events


Wind is spontaneous and often unexpected. It can manifest as a slight breeze, or a powerful gale. It can move in many directions and as a focused force. It can gently spread the seeds of life, and be a fearful force of destruction. Wind can carry a message for miles, even around the world. Wind can be harnessed and turned into energy. Wind is not the Internet, and it is not the Web. This project is here to figure out, together, what shapes Wind may take.

onscrolling - A better, smoother, more performant window

  •    Javascript

A better, smoother, more performant onscroll event interface based on the concepts from this html5rocks tutorial. It uses requestAnimationFrame plus debouncing for performance and mobile-compatibility (thanks to the touchmove event), giving you a fighting chance to achieve the hallowed 60fps of lore with your scroll-listening UI. The module exports an onscrolling module if being used with a CommonJS or AMD module loader, or else exposes a global object as window.onscrolling.

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