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mrpt - :zap: The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT)

  •    C++

Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) provides C++ libraries aimed at researchers in mobile robotics and computer vision. Libraries include SLAM solutions, 3D(6D) geometry, SE(2)/SE(3) Lie groups, probability density functions (pdfs) over points, landmarks, poses and maps, Bayesian inference (Kalman filters, particle filters), image processing, obstacle avoidance, etc. MRPT also provides GUI apps for Stereo camera calibration, dataset inspection, and much more. See this PPA for nightly builds from the develop branch, or this one for stable releases.

srba - [Prefer the newer MOLAorg/mola project] C++ framework for relative SLAM: Sparser Relative Bundle Adjustment (SRBA)

  •    C++

TL;DR: Sparser Relative Bundle Adjustment (SRBA) is a header-only C++ library for solving SLAM/BA in relative coordinates with flexibility for different submapping strategies and aimed at constant time local graph update. BSD 3-Clause License. Bundle adjustment is the name given to one solution to visual SLAM based on maximum-likelihood estimation (MLE) over the space of map features and camera poses. However, it is by no way limited to visual maps, since the same technique is also applicable to maps of pose constraints (graph-SLAM) or any other kind of feature maps not relying on visual information.

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