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Mojoc - A cross-platform, open-source, pure C game engine for mobile game.

  •    C

Mojoc is an open-source, cross-platform, pure C game engine. It is based on OpenGLES3 and written in C99. It currently works on IOS and Android, but can easily be extended to other platforms, and will support more platforms in the future. Mojoc is licensed under the MIT License.

unitysizeexplorer - Visualize how much space each asset in your Unity game takes and quickly optimize your game's file size

  •    CSharp

While developing Tumblestone for mobile devices I needed to greatly reduce the amount of disk space the game required. For iOS in particular games must be at or below 100 mb. Players must be on wifi in order to download games above 100 mb -- initially, Tumblestone was over 1 gb! I developed this tool to help reduce Tumblestone from 1 gb to 100 mb. This is quite helpful. It tells you how big your game is and breaks things down by high level categories. You can even look through the list of assets that follows to find the worst offendors. When first starting to optimize file size this is sufficient as oftentimes the largest files (listed at the top) can be optimized yielding big improvements.

UCThello - UCThello - a board game demonstrator (Othello variant) with computer AI using Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) with UCB (Upper Confidence Bounds) applied to trees (UCT in short)

  •    Javascript

UCThello is a board game using Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) with UCB (Upper Confidence Bounds) applied to trees (UCT in short) for the computer player AI. The board game used for demonstration purposes of the UCT algorithm is close to a game named Othello depending on selected options. In fact it can be played depending on your configuration following the official tournament rules of the WOF - World Othello Federation - if intended [WOF14]. Other rule settings to play variants are available, too. Per design decision the playing strength is limited for pleasure and fun level. Thus it is kept at a moderate to quite strong level on purpose due to the target environment, device platform, and audience expectations. This is done e.g. by limitation of the maximum AI response time and using a single execution thread for AI only plus just a second independent execution thread for a responsive user interface to avoid battery drains if full CPU and GPU core support would be implemented leading to bad user experience. Other possible but at least currently postponed improvements could be done by simple usage of a well-known and available game opening book. Although such simple modifications could improve the playing strength these features are not implemented in the current version yet. Othello is a derivative of the board game Reversi which can be played by UCThello as well. Reversi is claimed to be invented by either Lewis Waterman or John W. Mollett. Predecessor of Reversi created by Mollett is The game of Annexation, also called Annex back in 19th century.

react-native-tap-tile-game - An awesome TapTile Game built usign create-react-native-app

  •    Javascript

This project was bootstrapped with Create React Native App. Below you'll find information about performing common tasks. The most recent version of this guide is available here.

GalaxyBreak - Galaxy Break is a minimalistic endless video game for mobile published for Android platform

  •    CSharp

Galaxy Break is a minimalistic endless video game for mobile published for Android platform. It was developed during my free time as a personal project for Android platform. I used Unity 3D graphics engine and Android native plugins to implement some platform specific features. – Intuitive simple touch control.

awesome-gideros - A curated list of awesome Gideros resources, classes and tips.


A curated list of awesome resources for the Gideros Game Development Framework that allows you to easily create games and apps for Android, iOS, HTML5, WinRT and Desktop (Windows, OSX). Please feel free to contribute to the list by making a pull request. Please contribute to the list. Simply read the contribution guidelines to get started.

Cat-or-dog - React-native drag-n-drop game.

  •    Javascript

Mobile game where you need swipe photos of animals to match categories. I've made it just for fun and as some Animated api practice. react-native, redux, react-native-gesture-handler.

angry-aliens - Angry Birds like mobile game

  •    GDScript

Angry Birds like mobile game. Used for tutorials on how to create a mobile game with Godot 3.2

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