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mio - Cross-platform C++11 header-only library for memory mapped file IO

  •    C++

An easy to use header-only cross-platform C++11 memory mapping library with an MIT license. mio has been created with the goal to be easily includable (i.e. no dependencies) in any C++ project that needs memory mapped file IO without the need to pull in Boost.

LArray - Large off-heap arrays for Java/Scala

  •    Scala

A library for managing large off-heap arrays that can hold more than 2G (2^31) entries in Java and Scala. Notably LArray is disposable by calling LArray.free or you can let GC automatically release the memory. LArray also can be used to create an mmap (memory-mapped file) whose size is more than 2GB

node-rpio - Raspberry Pi GPIO library for node.js

  •    C

This is a high performance node.js addon which provides access to the Raspberry Pi GPIO interface, supporting regular GPIO as well as i²c, PWM, and SPI. Newer versions of node.js require you to install the GCC 4.8 packages for C++11 support. If you see compilation problems related to C++11, this is the likely cause.

pmem - persistant memory programming

  •    C

Persistent memory (or pmem for short) is accessed like volatile memory, using processor load and store instructions, but it retains its contents across power loss like storage. This project focuses specifically on how persistent memory is exposed to server-class applications which will explicitly manage the placement of data among the three tiers (volatile memory, persistent memory, and storage).

mmap.js - Working mmap bindings for node.js

  •    C++

This software is licensed under the MIT License.Copyright Fedor Indutny, 2014.

fs2 - B+ Tree - List - File Structures 2 - Memory Mapped File Structures for Go

  •    Go

Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or at your option any later version. If you need another licensing option please contact me directly. In my academic research some of the algorithms I work on (such as frequent subgraph mining) have exponential characteristics in their memory usage. In order to run these algorithms on larger data sets they need to be able to transparently cache less popular parts of the data to disk. However, in general it is best to keep as much data in memory as possible.


  •    C++

Mapped buffer by the mmap for Node.js. This project is an experiment.

rpio2 - Control Raspberry Pi GPIO pins with node.js. Fast and easy to use.

  •    Javascript

Export elegant OOP APIs to control Raspberry Pi GPIO pins with Node.js. Based on node-rpio which is a high performace library. For access to i²c, PWM, and SPI, or if you are running an older kernel which does not have the bcm2835-gpiomem module, you will need to run your programs as root for access to /dev/mem.

mmap - Interface for mmap syscall to provide safe and efficient access to memory

  •    Go

Only works for darwin OS, Linux and Little Endian 64 bit architectures. Golang mmap syscall function exposes the mapped memory as array of bytes. If the array is referenced even after the memory region is unmapped, this can lead to segmentation fault. mmap package provides safe access to the array of bytes by providing ReadAt and WriteAt functions.

mmkv - High performance KV cache component for iOS & OS X developers, Inspired by Tencent's blog post:https://cloud

  •    Objective-C

High performance KV cache component for iOS & OS X developers, Inspired by Tencent's blog post:https://cloud.tencent.com/developer/article/1066229

s3parcp - Faster than s3cp

  •    Go

s3parcp is a CLI wrapper around AWS's Go SDK's Downloader. This downloader provides a chunked parallel download implementation from s3 offering speeds faster than s3cp. The API is inspired by cp. Note: These example parameters don't necessarily represent good parameters for your system. s3parcp uses sane defaults so it is recommended to use the default parameters unless you have reason to believe your values will work better.

mmap-object - Shared Memory Objects for Node

  •    C++

Super-fast file-based sharing of Javascript objects among multiple processes. This module maps Javascript objects into shared memory for simultaneous access by different Node processes running on the same machine. Shared memory is loaded via mmap. Object access is mediated by Boost's unordered map class so object property access are speedy.

box - Box - Open Standard Archive Format, a zip killer.

  •    Rust

at your option. The EUPL is a copyleft, GPL-compatible license managed by the European Union, translated into multiple languages. See this introduction for information about the purpose, objectives and translations of the license. See also the license compatibility matrix.

portable-lib - Portable C, C++ code for hash tables, bloom filters, string-search, string utilities, hash functions, arc4random

  •    C

Almost all code is written in Portable C (and some C++). It is tested to work on at least Linux 3.x/4.x, Darwin (Sierra, macOS), OpenBSD 5.9/6.0/6.1. Some of the code has been in production use for over a decade. Collection of Bloom filters (Simple, Counting, Scalable). The Bloom filters can be serialized to disk and read back in mmap mode. The serialized code has a strong checksum (SHA256) to maintain the integrity of the data when read back.

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