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mlr - mlr: Machine Learning in R

  •    R

Please cite our JMLR paper [bibtex]. Some parts of the package were created as part of other publications. If you use these parts, please cite the relevant work appropriately. An overview of all mlr related publications can be found here.

mlrMBO - Toolbox for Bayesian Optimization and Model-Based Optimization in R

  •    R

Model-based optimization with mlr. mlrMBO is a highly configurable R toolbox for model-based / Bayesian optimization of black-box functions.

mlrHyperopt - Easy Hyper Parameter Optimization with mlr and mlrMBO.

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Easy Hyper Parameter Optimization with mlr and mlrMBO. Mainly it uses the learner implemented in mlr and uses the tuning methods also available in mlr. Unfortunately mlr lacks of well defined search spaces for each learner to make hyperparameter tuning easy.

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