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de-ip-hdmi - Convert a IP HDMI converter into a MKV stream

This tool uses ffmpeg to remux the content, if you don't have that installed then strange things may happen. This tool also requires root, due to it's use of libpcap and raw sockets to send things.

node-mediainfo - Wrapper around the `mediainfo' program for obtaining information about media files

Wrapper around the mediainfo command for obtaining information about media files. This module provides an interface to the mediainfo command. It returns the (parsed) output of the command with all the keys lower-cased. There's not a lot to say here.

mkvparse - Simple Python matroska (mkv) reading library, also mkv2xml and xml2mkv

Supports lacing and setting global timecode scale, subtitles (BlockGroup). Does not support cues, tags, chapters, seeking and so on. Supports resyncing when something bad is encountered in matroska stream. Subtitles should remain as text, binary data gets encoded to hex.

node-ebml - EBML parser

Parsing should work. If it doesn't, please create an issue.