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PandoraPlayer - Lightweight music player for iOS, based on AudioKit and completely written in Swift

  •    Swift

PandoraPlayer is a lightweight music player for iOS, based on AudioKit and completely written in Swift, constructed to be fast, light and have a nice design. It can play iPod music / bundle music, Real-time two-channel visual equalizer, Standard controls etc.

Knowthelist - The Awesome Party Music Player

  •    C++

Easy to use for all party guests Quick search for tracks in collection Two players with separate playlists Mixer with fader, 3 channel EQ and gain FadeNow to smoothly jump to the next song Auto fader and auto gain Trackanalyser search for song start/end and gain setting Auto DJ function with multiple filters for random play Monitor player for pre listen tracks (via 2nd sound card e.g. USB)

webaudiofont - Use full GM set of musical instruments to play MIDI and single sounds or effects

  •    Javascript

WebAudioFont is a set of resources and associated technology that uses sample-based synthesis to play musical instruments in the browser. You can choose from thousands of instrument, see Catalog. Add a link to WebAudioFontPlayer.js and the instrument file. Invoke queueWaveTable.

pacmixer - an alsamixer alike for PulseAudio.

  •    Objective-C++

pacmixer is an alsamixer alike for PulseAudio. I started this, because I've found no full-blown, terminal based mixers available for PA. All there are are either CLI or some kinds of GNOME/KDE applets. That's not what I wanted, so in the end I decided to go for it myself.

ryb-color-mixer - Mix colors as expected in real life (subtractive) in javascript.

  •    Javascript

#Real Life Color (RYB) Mixer. The source coude contains the code from https://github.com/bahamas10/node-rgb2ryb I included the rgb2ryb code inside the ryb-color-mixer for ease of use in the browser. Great job @bahamas10.

justintv-stream-notifications - This Firefox add-on displays a notification when a channel on Twitch, Youtube, Mixer or many more services goes live

  •    Javascript

This is an add-on for Firefox, using the modern WebExtension APIs. This extension shows you a notification, whenever a followed channel on Twitch, Smashcast, Ustream, Livestream, MLG.tv, Mixer, Dailymotion or YouTube goes live. It can also show notifications when a stream changes the title, hosts another channel, replays a past broadcast or goes offline.

multistreamer - A webapp for publishing video to multiple streaming services at once

  •    Lua

It allows users to add accounts for their favorite streaming services, and gives an endpoint for them to push video to. Their video stream will be relayed to multiple accounts. It also allows for updating their stream's metadata (stream title, description, etc) from a single page, instead of logging into multiple services.

midi-sounds-react - ReactJS component for musical and MIDI applications

  •    Javascript

You can use 1500 digitized musical instruments and percussions from free sound library to build musical application with React framework. Open Node.js command line window.

zeth - Proof of concept integration of Zerocash on Ethereum: https://arxiv.org/abs/1904.00905

  •    C++

Disclaimer: This work is inspired from babyzoe, Miximus. It follows and extends the design presented in zerocash-ethereum by adapting some code initially written by Zcash. 👉 Check our paper for more information about Zeth.

carina - Easy to use library for connecting to and using Mixer's Constellation

  •    TypeScript

You can either use npm (recommended) or download the zip from the releases page.

cdk - :fire: SDK for developing with Mixer Interactive

  •    TypeScript

Command line tool for developing with Mixer Interactive


  •    TypeScript

This is a client library for Mixer written in Node.js. We have tutorials on our Developer Site to help you get started.

interactive-node - A TypeScript, NodeJS and Browser compatible client for Mixer's interactive 2 Protocol

  •    TypeScript

A TypeScript, Node.js and Browser(JavaScript) compatible client for Mixer.com's interactive 2 Protocol. For an introduction to interactive2 checkout the reference docs on the developers site.

mixer-client-swift - Mixer API client written in Swift

  •    Swift

This is a client library for Mixer written in Swift. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

pulseaudio-mixer-cli - Interactive python/ncurses UI to control volume of pulse streams

  •    Python

Kinda like alsamixer, focused not on sink volume levels (which can actually be controlled via alsamixer, with alsa-pulse plugin), but rather on volume of individual streams, so you can tune down the music to hear the stuff from games, mumble, skype or browser. In addition to interactive UI, script allows to match and configure sink/stream parameters via config file, so that when specific sink or stream appears, e.g. its volume can be capped, port changed, UI title adjusted, hidden - stuff like that.

audio-mixer - Node.js module for mixing multiple PCM streams into one.

  •    Javascript

Node.js module for mixing multiple PCM streams into one.

PyLivestream - Simple cross-platform FFmpeg-based live streaming to YouTube, Periscope, Twitch, Facebook Live and more

  •    Python

Streams to one or multiple streaming sites simultaneously, using pure object-oriented Python (no extra packages) and FFmpeg. Tested with flake8, mypy type checking and pytest. visual_tests.py is a quick check of several command line scripting scenarios on your laptop. FFmpeg is used from Python subprocess to stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitch, Mixer, Ustream, Vimeo and more for streaming broadcasts. You can skip past this section to "stream start" if it's confusing. The defaults might work to get you started.

istio-learning - istio框架及数据流和代码分析,了解整个istio的数据模型等

  •    Go


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