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lichobile - lichess.org mobile application

  •    TypeScript

Lichess mobile is a cordova application. It is written in TypeScript and JavaScript. The rendering library is mithril.js. It uses babel, browserify and gulp as build tools. It talks to a native Stockfish engine, supporting multiple variants, through a cordova plugin. Multi-variant chess library is brought by a JavaScript version of scalachess. Then copy env.json.example to env.json and modify settings to link your app to a lichess server.

msx - JSX for Mithril.js 0.x

  •    Javascript

As of Mithril.js v1.0.0, you can use the react-transform-jsx Babel plugin for JSX. See Mithril.js' JSX documentation for details.

polythene - Material Design component library for Mithril and React

  •    Javascript

Material Design component library for Mithril and React. Can be used as general-purpose component library that includes dialogs, cards, notifications, lists, buttons, form elements, and more.

mithril-router - Django style router for Mithril.js

  •    Javascript

Router allowing creation of Single-Page-Applications (SPA) with a DRY mechanism (identification classified as namespaces) to prevent hard-coded URLs. To define routing specify a host DOM element, and routes with a root route. Should no root route be specified, the first route is chosen.

mithril-validator - Easily validate Mithril.js forms, models, and objects.

  •    Javascript

Easily validate Mithril.js models, and objects. Validates mithril models and objects through validation functions mapped to specific model properties.

moria - A routing system for Mithril

  •    Javascript

A routing system for Mithril.Mithril has a beautiful lightweight routing paradigm, but as legends recount, sometimes you need to dig deep to get at the good bits: it's difficult to express the routing of a complex application when m.route( rootElement, defaultRoute, routesHash ) can only be invoked once and the routes hash has to be flat.

mithril-hx - Haxe externs for Mithril (JS MVC framework)

  •    Haxe

Mithril is a small, yet great javascript MVC framework that is faster and more flexible than most others. Here's the Haxe version for Mithril 1.0+, with some useful extra features thanks to macros and the type inference. Standard procedure: haxelib install mithril and then -lib mithril in your .hxml file.

gulp-msx - Precompile Mithril views which use JSX into JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Precompiles Mithril views which use JSX into JavaScript, using msx. .jsx files are automatically renamed to .js for you, ready for output.

mithril-slides - A Keynote-inspired presentation app written with Mithril

  •    HTML

Using a browser, go to http://localhost:8000 and you'll see example slides. To add or edit slides, make changes to the slides.json file and reload your browser.

mithril-calendar - A calendar component for mithril

  •    Javascript

A calendar component for mithril. You can see a demo here.

narrafirma - Single-page web app for Participatory Narrative Inquiry (PNI)

  •    TypeScript

Install either as a WordPress plugin or a NodeJS application. License: GPL v2 or any later version. See the website for more information. The NarraFirma™ software helps people who want to use Participatory Narrative Inquiry (PNI) in their communities and organizations.

tcs - Tiny and typed coffeescript like language

  •    CoffeeScript

Tiny and Typed CoffeeScript like language for ES2015 age. and many corner bugs of parser.

mattr - Mithril view plugins as custom attributes

  •    Javascript

Alpha status. Code written off the cuff, untested. Use at own peril. Mattr allows you to extend the Mithril view language with custom attributes.


  •    Javascript

A Mithril wrapper whose controllers gain a new exit hook for outgoing animations. Exitable is intended for use with the Mithril 0 API - it is redundant in (at the time of writing, forthcoming) Mithril 1, thanks to the onbeforeremove hook. When you bind an exit method to a controller, we observe the output of each draw: as soon as we detect that the corresponding component has been removed from the view, the draw loop is frozen; all your animations execute, and when they're done, Mithril goes about business as usual.

awesome-mithril - A curated list of Mithril awesome


Mithril is a modern client-side Javascript framework for building Single Page Applications. Mithril does not require specialized tools for testing, however the following have been developed as side projects to the main framework or by the community.

crucible - API CMS UI powered by Firebase, mithril, and my own dwindling sanity. Oh, and acronyms.

  •    Javascript

You'll want to create a schema first. Schemas are JSON-ish documents that contain some number of fields. Once you've created a schema you can create instances of that schema. All edits are synced in near-real-time to FireBase, so your data should always be in sync.

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