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miso - :ramen: A tasty Haskell front-end framework

  •    Haskell

Miso is a small "isomorphic" Haskell front-end framework for quickly building highly interactive single-page web applications. It features a virtual-dom, diffing / patching algorithm, attribute and property normalization, event delegation, event batching, SVG, Server-sent events, Websockets, type-safe servant-style routing and an extensible Subscription-based subsystem. Inspired by Elm, Redux and Bobril. Miso is pure by default, but side effects (like XHR) can be introduced into the system via the Effect data type. Miso makes heavy use of the GHCJS FFI and therefore has minimal dependencies. Miso can be considered a shallow embedded domain-specific language for modern web programming. To get started quickly building applications, we recommend using the stack or nix package managers. Obtaining GHCJS is required as a prerequisite. stack and nix make this process easy, if you're using cabal we assume you have obtained GHCJS by other means.

miso-snake - Snake game, made with haskell-miso

  •    Haskell

Snake, using miso. Adapted from elm-snake, using miso's SVG api instead of elm's Graphics.Collage.

project-init - Project templates in rust

  •    Rust

pi is a command-line utility to initialize projects. It is written in rust. It is intended to provide something like cookiecutter, but faster.

events - Basic event subscription & binding that can be easily attached to any object

  •    Javascript

Miso.Events is a small collection of methods that enables an object to publish events and allows others to subscribe to it. Allows an evented object to publish/broadcast an event to its subscribers.

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