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Scrcpy - Display and control your Android device

  •    C

This application provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB (or over TCP/IP). It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOS. The Android part requires at least API 21 (Android 5.0). It supports screen capturing / mirroring Android device.

sndcpy - Android audio forwarding (scrcpy, but for audio)

  •    Java

This tool forwards audio from an Android 10 device to the computer. It does not require any root access. It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS. The purpose is to enable audio forwarding while mirroring with scrcpy. However, it can be used independently.

gitlab-mirrors - A set of scripts adding the ability of managing remote mirrors to GitLab.

  •    Shell

The gitlab-mirrors project is designed to fill in a feature which is currently missing from GitLab: the ability to mirror remote repositories. gitlab-mirrors creates read only copies of remote repositories in gitlab. It provides a CLI management interface for managing the mirrored repositories (e.g. add, delete, update) so that an admin may regularly update all mirrors using crontab. It operates by interacting with the GitLab API using python-gitlab. Note: if you are upgrading then see docs/upgrade for notes on upgrading.

Reflection - Advanced Swift reflection including dynamic construction of types.

  •    Swift

Reflection provides an API for advanced reflection at runtime including dynamic construction of types.If you need any help you can join our Slack and go to the #help channel. Or you can create a Github issue in our main repository. When stating your issue be sure to add enough details, specify what module is causing the problem and reproduction steps.

backer - wip distributed backup / file mirroring tool

  •    Javascript

Mirror your files between all your computers and servers, so when a harddrive breaks or a computer gets stolen you don't lose anything.Like bittorrent sync, but open source and in node.js, so it runs on SmartOS too.

bandersnatch - This is a PyPI mirror client according to PEP 381 http://www

  •    Python

This is a PyPI mirror client according to PEP 381 http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0381/. The following instructions will place the bandersnatch executable in a virtualenv under bandersnatch/bin/bandersnatch.

AndroidScreenCaster - A live android screen caster which encoding media by h264,webm via TCP and UDP with low latency

  •    Java

I'm currently in charge of test automation team. We try to make possible functional testing for mobile games. While we're working on it, we needed to mirror live android screen to web browser. The first approach was MJPEG. We captured entire screen and sent it over network in every very short period. Surely, it was ineffiecient, slow and huge. The first approach was helpful anyway to prove our concept of system, though. The second approach was encoding our media data by using well known codecs such as h264 and vp8. It ended up a success anyway. However, it was hard to find code examples. I mostly refer to android googlesource(specially media test cases). I hope this project helps you to save your time and understand concept of live screen casting on Android.

heplify-server - HEP Server & Switch in Go

  •    Go

heplify-server is a stand-alone HOMER capture server developed in Go, optimized for speed and simplicity. Distributed as a single binary ready to capture TLS and UDP HEP, Protobuf encapsulated packets from heplify or any other HEP enabled agent, indexing to database and rotating using H5 or H7 table format. heplify-server provides precise SIP and RTCP metrics with the help of Prometheus and Grafana. It gives you the possibility to get a global view on your network and individual SIP trunk monitoring. To setup a systemd service use the sample service file and follow the instructions at the top.

ShowTime - The easiest way to show off your iOS taps and gestures for demos and videos.

  •    Swift

ShowTime is the simplest and best way to display all your taps and gestures on screen. Perfect for that demo, presentation or video. One file (or pod install) is all you need to add that extra polish your demos. ShowTime even displays the level of force you're applying, and can be configured to show the actual number of taps performed. Apple Pencil events are configurable and disabled by default.

SyncChanges - Synchronize/Replicate database changes using SQL Server Change Tracking

  •    CSharp

A Windows service, console application, and library to synchronize/replicate database changes based on SQL Server Change Tracking. Microsoft SQL Server has a number of builtin synchronization features, such as Mirroring, Replication, and AlwaysOn Availability Groups. Unfortunately, all of these are only available from Standard Edition, and therefore not included in Web Edition or Express. Log shipping has the drawback that the secondary databases are not accessible during the restore. The solution provided by SyncChanges, on the other hand, builds upon Change Tracking, which is available in all editions, including Web and Express.


  •    Python

Because the current catalogue build and mirror process mirrors all versions of the operator which results in exponential amount of images that are mirrored that are unnecessary. For my use case only 100 images were required but I ended up with 1200 mirrored images. This script has been updated for OpenShift 4.6+. Please use the script in the ocp4.5 branch for releases 4.5 and earlier.

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