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SCXcodeMiniMap - Sublime Text like Minimap for Xcode

  •    Objective-C

SCXcodeMiniMap is a Xcode plugin that adds a source editor Minimap to Xcode. Any suggestions or improvements are more than welcome. Feel free to contact me at stefan.ceriu@gmail.com or @stefanceriu.

minimap - A preview of the full source code.

  •    Javascript

A preview of the full source code. This package is sponsored and maintained by Kite.

Leaflet-MiniMap - A minimap control plugin for Leaflet

  •    HTML

As the minimap control inherits from leaflet's control, positioning is handled automatically by leaflet. However, you can still style the minimap and set its size by modifying the css file. Note: Leaflet version 0.7.7 or higher is required, but the plugin has been tested and verified to work fine with Leaflet 1.0.0-beta2.

minimap - A preview of full webpage or its DOM element with flexible positioning and navigation support

  •    Javascript

Fork this repository or download js/css files from dist directory. Include jQuery and this plugin on a page.

leaflet-globeminimap - A 3d Globe minimap for leaflet

  •    Javascript

Leaflet.GlobeMiniMap is a simple minimap control that places a 3d Globe in the corner of your map, centered on the same location as the main map. The library is also looking for /data/world.json in order to load the world topojson file. You can use the option topojsonSrc to define another source.

jquery.minimap - A Sublime Text-like "minimap" for in-page navigation.

  •    Javascript

This plugin provides a "minimap" for in-page navigation, similar to that in Sublime Text 2. This came from UX discussions while redesigning Janrain's documentation site. Specifically, we tried to include long-form narrative content as much as possible, with lots of screenshots, tables, and inline graphics. We made good use of jQuery waypoints for in-page navigation, but we felt that even so, users would want a better way to orient themselves to where they are on the page, and an easier way to jump to the section they want.

minimap-pigments - An Atom plugin to display pigments colors in the Minimap

  •    CoffeeScript

An Atom plugin to display pigments colors in the Minimap.


  •    Javascript

Furthermore, I, @mehcode, am now a collaborator there and have pledged to prevent future issues from arising. A preview of the full source code.

atom-minimap-linter - Atom package to display linter markers on minimap

  •    Javascript

A plugin for minimap that shows the messages from linter and atom-ide-ui, allowing you to get a quick overview of where you have lint issues in your code.

minimap-find-and-replace - Displays the search matches in the minimap

  •    CoffeeScript

Displays the search matches in the minimap. You will need the Minimap package installed to use this package.

diagram-maker-plugin-minimap - A minimap plugin package for Diagram Maker.

  •    TypeScript

Diagram Maker Minimap Plugin is a plugin to display a minimap for Diagram Maker to help in navigating large workspaces with lots of nodes & edges. Minimap is a smaller scale rendering of your entire canvas. This is most useful when the canvas is much larger than the container or the screeen that Diagram maker is rendering in and traversing the full canvas requires scrolling it several times. In such a case, minimap provides an overview of the full canvas along with all the nodes present in it. Furthermore, users can jump to parts of the canvas they're interested in by clicking on that area in the minimap in a single click rather than by scrolling several times. A mockup of how a panel might be rendered using the minimap plugin within the Diagram Maker editor.