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Dozer - Hide status bar icons on macOS

  •    Swift

Hide status bar icons to give your Mac a cleaner look. Download, open and drag the app to the Applications folder.

ClusterWS - :boom: Lightweight, fast and powerful framework for building scalable WebSocket applications in Node

  •    TypeScript

Lightweight, fast and powerful framework for building scalable WebSocket applications in Node.js. ClusterWS uses uWebSockets - one of the most lightweight, efficient & scalable WebSocket library.

json-crate - 📦 json-crate: a minimalistic promise-based json database

  •    Javascript

json-crate is a super simple json database for quick hacks or when you need to persist simple json files.json-crate uses lodash"s object path notation to read and write nested properties in the json file.

asbundle - A minimalistic JS bundler

  •    Javascript

A minimalistic CommonJS bundler. This module is a perfect ascjs companion to create CommonJS bundles.

lazyblorg - Blogging with Org-mode for very lazy people

  •    Python

There is a list of similar/alternative Org-mode blogging projects whose workflows seem really tedious to me. See my original post to the Org-mode ML for how this idea of lazyblorg started in 2011.

bun - Bundler's little helper. A missing CLI tool to install and remove gems from Gemfile with ease.

  •    Ruby

Bundler's little helper. A missing CLI tool to install and remove gems from Gemfile with ease.

react-mini - Create minimalistic react components

  •    Javascript

Allows you to create thisless react components. With react >= 0.14 stateless function components are supported by react itself. But with react-mini you can create statefull function components.

lightdown - A minimalistic, safe, chat oriented, markdown-ish utility.

  •    HTML

A minimalistic, safe, and chat oriented, markdown-ish utility. The main, and most important, difference from markdown is that the single biggest source of inspiration for lightdown's syntax is the format of chat messages, tweets, or even SMS.

django-template - Simple, extensible, easy to set up, fully functional, django project template.

  •    Python

The goal of this project is to provide minimalistic django project template that everyone can use, which just works out of the box and has the basic setup you can expand on. Template is written with django 1.11 and python 3 in mind.

quilter - Focus on your writing.

  •    Vala

Fonts under the /data/font directory are under License: SIL OFL 1.1, also copied there in full. Please make sure you have these dependencies first before building.

white-theme.el - Minimalistic light color theme inspired by basic-theme

  •    Emacs

Minimalistic light color theme for GNU Emacs inspired by beautiful basic-theme. Note: The font being used during the screenshots is Operator Mono.

holo - Minimalistic configuration management

  •    Go

Holo is a radically simple configuration management tool that relies as much as possible on package management for the whole system setup and maintenance process. This is achieved by using metapackages to define personal package selections for all systems or for certain types of systems. If you've written a new plugin, send me a link via the issue tracker and I'll link to it here.

ng2 - :triangular_ruler: minimalistic modular angular

  •    Javascript

I started this project because I wanted something like rails g but for Angular, and I didn't want the bloat that most generators out there have. So far this does the job alright in being very lean, extendable and fast enough for my slowest computer not to complain. Everyone is invited to collaborate and make this a tool we can all enjoy using. It's the rough equivalent to rails generators (far less sophisticated yet, but we'll get there eventually) that uses a package manager (component) similar to npm (in some ways), and lets you use a synchronous require call (thus no more ugly AMD/UMD definitions and such).

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