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DockerSlim (docker-slim) - Optimize and secure your Docker containers

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Docker slim minify's and secure's Docker containers. Keep doing what you are doing. No need to change anything. Use the base image you want. Use the package manager you want. Don't worry about hand optimizing your Dockerfile. You shouldn't have to throw away your tools and your workflow to have small container images.

minicon - Minimization of the filesystem for containers

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When you run containers (e.g. in Docker), you usually run a system that has a whole Operating System, documentation, extra packages, etc. and your specific application. The result is that the footprint of the container is bigger than needed. minicon is a general tool to analyze applications and executions of these applications to obtain a filesystem that contains all the dependencies that have been detected. In particular, it can be used to reduce Docker containers. The minicon package includes minidock which will help to reduce Docker containers by hiding the underlying complexity of running minicon inside a Docker container.