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a2x - :video_game: C framework I wrote for my video games

  •    C

a2x is a C framework I wrote for my video games. It runs natively on Linux and FreeBSD, and can be cross-compiled for Windows, GP2X, Wiz, Caanoo, Open Pandora, and HTML5. Add ~/a2x/bin to the $PATH variable, or prepend it to all calls to a2x_* scripts below.

drmingw - Postmortem debugging tools for MinGW.

  •    C++

Dr. Mingw is a Just-in-Time (JIT) debugger. When the application throws an unhandled exception, Dr. Mingw attaches itself to the application and collects information about the exception, using the available debugging information. Dr. Mingw can read debugging information in DWARF format — generated by the Gnu C/C++ Compiler, and in a PDB file — generated by the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler. It relies upon the DbgHelp library to resolve symbols in modules compiled by the Microsoft tools.

homebrew-mingw_w64 - unofficial mingw-w64 Homebrew sub-command and Formulae.

  •    Ruby

Unofficial Homebrew user-defined sub-command. Finally, you can install mingw-w64 named keg cellar. You can uninstall this cellar with brew uninstall mingw-w64.

llvm-stuff - LLVM resources and things.


Check the wiki for links to useful LLVM resources, and guides to building LLVM on Windows.

win-sudo - Add `sudo` command to Git Bash

  •    Shell

If we open msysgit as administrator, we can use it as if we were root. However, it is often easier to open without administrator privileges. Well, Git comes with Bash emulator and you can use *nix commands. "sudo" and "apt-get" are not such - there are tools, programs if you like which obviously you don't have.

PKGBUILDs - PKGBUILDs for creating various Arch Linux packages (including lots of mingw-w64 cross compiler packages)

  •    Shell

So if you like to improve one of my AUR packages, just create a PR here. The repository does not contain .SRCINFO files.

atom-gpp-compiler - An atom package that allows you to compile and run C++ and C within the editor.

  •    Javascript

This Atom package allows you to compile and run C++ and C within the editor. To compile C or C++, press F5 or right click the file in tree view and click Compile and Run.

UniversalDXSDK - A more universal DirectX SDK can work with multiple versions of Visual Studio, MinGW, etc

  •    C++

Starting with Windows 8, the DirectX SDK is included as part of the Windows SDK. The June 2010 is the last release. It's convenient for most cases. However, sometimes it's not suitable for using DirectX SDK in this way. The goal of this open source project is build an universal DirectX SDK. It can work with multiple versions of Visual Studio, MinGW, and other compilers.

docker-go-mingw - Docker image for building Go binaries with MinGW toolchain

  •    Shell

Docker image for building Go binaries for Windows with MinGW-w64 toolchain based on official Go Docker image. The repository provides simple cross-compilation environment for windows 32 and 64bit builds.

qt5-minimalistic-builds - Precompiled x64 Qt 5 library in minimalistic configuration for Windows.

  •    Shell

This is attempt to build Qt 5 libraries in minimalistic mode. Output binaries have fewer dependencies, are lighter and thus are smaller. This projects aims to provide only x64 variant of Qt5 library and its dependencies. Both release and debug builds are provided.

xrepo - 🗂️ A cross-platform C/C++ package manager based on Xmake

  •    Shell

xrepo is a cross-platform C/C++ package manager based on Xmake. It is based on the runtime provided by xmake, but it is a complete and independent package management program. Compared with package managers such as vcpkg/homebrew, xrepo can provide C/C++ packages for more platforms and architectures at the same time.

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