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C# programming exercise. Simulates a given number of minesweeper games using a given ISweeper implementation (or use the step by step mode to study how the ISweeper implementations work). Create your own implementation and see how it compares to other implementations.

Windows 8 Minesweeper

A minesweeper clone in the Windows 8 Metro style, developed in JavaScript and HTML5.


Simple holded JAVA Tool to Play minesweeper, a Local SQL-Database is used.


MineFlagger is a mine clearing game modeled after Microsoft’s Minesweeper. In addition to standard play, MineFlagger incorporates an AI for fun and training.

plumeria - A Discord bot with rich data piping between commands

There's very flexible support for command prefixes: .mt works, but so does . mt (helpful on mobile keyboards), but also . Mt or /mt, !mt, and so on. Plumeria is written in Python 3. Plumeria is designed to work on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.