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minigrid - 📏 Minimal 2kb zero dependency cascading grid layout

  •    Javascript

Minigrid is a minimal 2kb zero dependency cascading grid layout. Website & Documentation: http://alves.im/minigrid.

minui - 基于规范的小程序 UI 组件库,自定义标签组件,简洁、易用、工具化

  •    Javascript

基于规范的小程序 UI 组件库,自定义标签组件,简洁、易用、工具化

gulp-htmlmin - Minify HTML

  •    HTML

gulp plugin to minify HTML. Issues with the HTML parser and output must be reported on the html-minifier issue tracker.

min-cli - Min 小程序组件化解决方案

  •    TypeScript

小程序组件化开发环境,提供 cli 支持

grunt-contrib-htmlmin - Minify HTML.

  •    Javascript

Run this task with the grunt htmlmin command. Issues with the output should be reported on the htmlmin issue tracker.

p-min-delay - Delay a promise a minimum amount of time

  •    Javascript

While the delay module delays the promise a specified amount of time and then resolves it, this module ensures the promise resolves after the specified amount of time.Useful when you have a promise that may settle immediately or may take some time, and you want to ensure it doesn't settle too fast. For example, if you want to show a loading indicator for at least 1 second (but longer if needed) to prevent a confusing flash in the UI.

maxmin - Get a pretty output of the original, minified, gzipped size of a string or buffer: 130 B → 91 B → 53 B (gzip)

  •    Javascript

Useful for logging the difference between original and minified file in e.g. a build-system.Original string or its size in bytes.

broccoli-uncss - Remove unused CSS with UnCSS

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the UnCSS issue tracker.See the UnCSS options, except for raw.

grunt-minify-html - Minify HTML

  •    Javascript

Issues with the output should be reported on the minimize issue tracker.This differs from grunt-contrib-htmlmin in that it uses a proper HTML-parser instead of a bunch of fragile regexes.

minifyjs - A node-package for minifying javascript.

  •    Javascript

minifyjs is a Javascript code minifier written for node. It's aim is flexibility. This will install the current stable version. To install the latest development version, clone this repository and install it.

node-infuse - Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

  •    Javascript

Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption. Infuse bundles up your node JavaScript files by following the require("moduleName") statements in your source file(s), and then bundles it all up, and uglifies (minimizes) it into one JavaScript file.

glsl-map - Map a value between one range to another

  •    GLSL

This applies no clamping, so if your input value is greater than inMax, you'll receive a value greater than outMax. MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

count-min-sketch - Count-Min Sketch Data Structure

  •    Javascript

An implementation of Coromode and Muthukrishnan's Count-Min sketch data structure for JavaScript. The count-min sketch is basically a high powered generalization of the bloom filter. While a bloom filter gives an efficient way to approximate membership of a set, a count-min sketch can give approximate data about the relative frequency of items in the set. Creates a count-min sketch data structure.

statsjs - Provides functions for many of the statistical operations that you might need

  •    Javascript

Provides functions for many of the statistical operations that you might need. It also supports many of the functions on the data set that you'd expect from Underscore, such as pluck, map, and each.

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