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RxJava2-Android-Samples - RxJava 2 Android Examples - Migration From RxJava 1 to RxJava 2 - How to use RxJava 2 in Android

  •    Java

RxJava 2.0 has been completely rewritten from scratch on top of the Reactive-Streams specification. The specification itself has evolved out of RxJava 1.x and provides a common baseline for reactive systems and libraries. Because Reactive-Streams has a different architecture, it mandates changes to some well known RxJava types.

elasticsearch-dump - Import and export tools for elasticsearch

  •    Javascript

Tools for moving and saving indicies.elasticdump works by sending an input to an output. Both can be either an elasticsearch URL or a File.

SharePoint 2010 Bulk Document Importer


Need to import/migrate files and folders from servers and network shares into SharePoint 2010 document libraries? This free commandline application helps you get the job done! Ideal for one-time migration of a large number of documents into SharePoint 2010.

yii2-migration - Yii 2 Migration creator.

  •    PHP

Generates migration file based on the existing database table and previous migrations.Lists all the tables in the database.

backbone-redux-migrator - Lets Backbone and Redux apps coexist, so you don't have to rewrite everything at once

  •    Javascript

A tool for migrating from Backbone stack to react+redux without disturbing the project or putting it on hold for a rewrite. Lets Backbone and Redux apps coexist, so you can write new features in redux and continue with regular releases while a rewrite is progressing.

migrat - A pluggable Node.js data migration tool.

  •    Javascript

Migrat is a pluggable Node.js migration tool designed for diverse stacks and processes. It is not tied any particular database engine and supports multi-node environments by differentiating migrations that should run on one node (to update a global database, for instance) and migrations that should run on all nodes (like updating a per-node cache). Before submitting pull requests, please update the tests and make sure they all pass.

confluencer - :wrench: A CLI tool to automate common Confluence maintenance tasks and content publishing

  •    Python

A CLI tool to automate common Confluence maintenance tasks and content publishing. The confluencer command line tool (or cfr for short) allows you to control your Confluence installation from a shell prompt, and thus automate (mass) content changes and reports.

solidbase - Generic migration tool for RDBMS and other resources based on Liquibase

  •    Java

Generic migration tool for RDBMS and other resources based on Liquibase

CloudFerry - Openstack workload migration tool

  •    Python

CloudFerry is a tool for resources and workloads migration between two OpenStack clouds. CloudFerry can be installed as docker container or it can be installed as a python package by pip.

node-immigration - Simple, no-frills migration utility

  •    TypeScript

Simple, no-frills migration utility. Migrations can export two functions: up and down. These functions can accept a callback or return a promise for asynchronous actions, such as altering a database.

couchmigrate - CouchDB command-line design document migration tool

  •    Javascript

or a JavaScript file that exports a design document object e.g. In other words, couchmigrate will only return when the design document has been uploaded, built and has been moved into place.

IBM-Z-zOS - The helpful and handy location for finding and sharing z/OS files, which are not included in the product

  •    C

This repository contains sample programs and other resources that might be useful to the z/OS® community. Here you will find tools for exploring the various capabilities of z/OS. Perhaps, you might even share in the development of a community resource. The materials in this repository are organized by type and release level.

pyquibase - Python wrapper for liquibase

  •    Python

Pyquibase is a Python wrapper for liquibase. There are other liquibase wrapper for python but they all require change log files to be in YAML format. Since I want to use xml file for liquibase, I built my own liquibase wrapper for python. Athough I use Pyquibase with xml files only, it should also work with other file types.

gocqlx - General purpose extensions to Go Cassandra driver - gocql

  •    Go

Package gocqlx is an idiomatic extension to gocql that provides usability features. With gocqlx you can bind the query parameters from maps and structs, use named query parameters (:identifier) and scan the query results into structs and slices. It comes with a fluent and flexible CQL query builder and a database migrations module. See more examples in example_test.go.

vault-migrator - migrate vault data between different physical backends

  •    Go

migrate or backup vault data between two physical backends. in one operation or in a cron job. this will backup each 24 hours your data in dynamodb to a consul instance.

outflux - Export data from InfluxDB to TimescaleDB

  •    Go

This repo contains code for exporting complete InfluxDB databases or selected measurements to TimescaleDB. Outflux is a Go project managed by dep (The go dependency management tool). To download the proper dependency versions, dep must be installed on your system. Instructions can be found on the official documentation page.

ui5-migration - A tool to support the migration of UI5 projects by adapting code for new UI5 framework versions

  •    Javascript

Tooling to support the migration of UI5 projects by adapting code for new UI5 framework versions. Note: This project is currently in beta. While there are ongoing improvements and round-offs being applied, we see the early release as a great opportunity to collect feedback from the community to further advance the UI5 migration tooling.