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AUSequencer - (WIP) MIDI Sequencer Audio Unit

  •    Objective-C++

An example project/playground for a custom Audio Unit MIDI Sequencer that you can edit the steps (inluding the step count and the MIDI events (note, pitch, cc) of each step) and work with both Audiobus MIDI and AKMIDI in Ableton Link sync. Also, a future base for MIDI sequencer AUv3 plugin. Main idea is creating an AudioUnit within an AKNode and initilize Audiobus audio sender port with that audio unit. Also, we are going to need a pair of Audiobus MIDI sender and receiver ports as well.

MIDISequencer - MIDI Sequencer that sends MIDI events to other apps.

  •    Swift

MIDI Sequencer that sends MIDI events to other apps. Built top on AKSequencer of AudioKit for iOS and macOS. Create smart MIDI sequencer instruments with just focus on notes. This library has an AudioKit dependency but since AudioKit is a static library and cocopods not supporting mixing static libraries with pure Swift libraries, you need to import AudioKit manually in to your project.

decadence - Write music in Vim: Text-based music tracker and midi shell

  •    Python

Plaintext music tracker and midi shell. Write music in vim or your favorite text editor. Compose music in a plaintext format or type music directly in the shell. The format is vertical and column-based, similar to early music trackers, but with syntax inspired by jazz/music theory.

miti - miti is a musical instrument textual interface

  •    Go

miti is a musical instrument textual interface. Basically, its MIDI, but textual. miti provides a program and musical notation that you can use to easily connect and control sounds in a very human way. It provides surprisingly simple sequencing for synthesizers or other instruments, namely control from your favorite text editor.

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