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fluidsynth - Software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications

  •    C

FluidSynth generates audio by reading and handling MIDI events from MIDI input devices by using a SoundFont. It is the software analogue of a MIDI synthesizer. FluidSynth can also play MIDI files. If you are missing parts of the documentation, let us know by writing to our mailing list. Of course, you are welcome to edit and improve the wiki yourself. All you need is an account at GitHub. Alternatively, you may send an EMail to our mailing list along with your suggested changes. Further information about the mailing list is available in the wiki as well.

midiflip - 🎹 Transform MIDI files mathematically

  •    Javascript

Transform MIDI songs to create mathematical remixes. Inspired by Andrew Huang's #MidiFlip "challenge".MidiFlip can be used to simply flip notes around, inverting all the pitches, but it also gives you raw control over the notes in a simple way so you can make arbitrary remappings.


  •    Javascript

Second, run a local MySQL Server on port 3306 and create a database called bitmidi.com. Don't forget to change the credentials in secret/index.mjs to match what you configured! If you use a different MySQL version than what is specified, then remember to change that, too. If you're running an older version of MySQL, you may need to add a insecureAuth: true option under db.connection.

timidity - Play MIDI files in the browser w/ Web Audio, WebAssembly, and libtimidity

  •    Shell

Play MIDI files in a browser with a simple API. NO OPEN SOURCE LICENSE YET. If you want to use this, send me an email. I'm still figuring out what license to use.

midi - Modular core library for MIDI and SMF

  •    Go

Modular library for reading and writing of MIDI messages with Go. This package is meant for users that have some knowledge of the MIDI standards. Beginners, and people on the run might want to look at the porcelain package https://github.com/gomidi/mid.

JZZ - MIDI library for Node.js and web-browsers

  •    Javascript

JZZ.js allows sending, receiving and playing MIDI messages in Node.js and all major browsers in Linux, MacOS and Windows. Some features are available on iOS and Android devices. JZZ.js enables Web MIDI API in Node.js and those browsers that don't support it, and provides additional functionality to make developer's life easier.

sonic-midi - Plays melodies in SonicPi while converting them to MIDI

  •    Ruby

This tool allows to programmatically define melodies that can be played in Sonic Pi via an external command-line interface (CLI) while automatically exporting them to MIDI files to be consumed elsewhere (such as in LMMS). Note: this is not an official Google product.

midi - The MIDI package is a high level MIDI library to consume and generate MIDI files.

  •    Go

The MIDI package is a high level MIDI library to consume and generate MIDI files. Depending on your needs, you might want to check out the excellent gomidi library by metakeule. His library is lower level but more complete and offers support for live MIDI messaging which this library isn't trying to do.

mid - Easy reading and writing of MIDI and SMF

  •    Go

Based on https://github.com/gomidi/midi. Package mid provides an easy abstraction for reading and writing of "live" MIDI and SMF (Standard MIDI File) data.

freepats - FreePats General MIDI sound set

  •    Shell

This package is a General MIDI sound set. It is a free (as in free software) sound bank, suitable for use with a MIDI player, or any other MIDI use case where instrument sounds are needed. The files that make up the sound set are packaged up here for convenient inclusion in a Node.js project.

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