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koa-router - Router middleware for koa.

  •    Javascript

Create a new router. Create router.verb() methods, where verb is one of the HTTP verbs such as router.get() or router.post().

jwt - Koa middleware for validating JSON Web Tokens

  •    Javascript

This module lets you authenticate HTTP requests using JSON Web Tokens in your Koa (node.js) applications. See this article for a good introduction.

session - Simple session middleware for koa

  •    Javascript

Simple session middleware for Koa. Defaults to cookie-based sessions and supports external stores. The cookie name is controlled by the key option, which defaults to "koa:sess". All other options are passed to ctx.cookies.get() and ctx.cookies.set() allowing you to control security, domain, path, and signing among other settings.

static - Static file server middleware

  •    Javascript

Koa static file serving middleware, wrapper for koa-send.

koa-graphql - Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Koa.

  •    Javascript

Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Koa. NOTE: Below is a copy from express-graphql's README. In this time I implemented almost same api, but it may be changed as time goes on.

koa.io - Realtime web framework combine koa and socket.io.

  •    Javascript

Realtime web framework combine koa and socket.io. This project is under development now.

logger - Development style logging middleware

  •    Javascript

Development style logger middleware for koa. Notice: koa-logger@2 supports koa@2; if you want to use this module with koa@1, please use koa-logger@1.

mount - Mount other Koa applications or middleware to a given pathname

  •    Javascript

Mount other Koa applications as middleware. The path passed to mount() is stripped from the URL temporarily until the stack unwinds. This is useful for creating entire apps or middleware that will function correctly regardless of which path segment(s) they should operate on. View the ./examples directory for working examples.

route - Simple route middleware

  •    Javascript

Uber simple route middleware for koa. If you need a full-featured solution check out koa-router, a Koa clone of express-resource.

compose - Middleware composition utility

  •    Javascript

Compose middleware. Compose the given middleware and return middleware.

generic-session - koa session store with memory, redis or others.

  •    Javascript

Notice: koa-session support external store now, please migrate to koa-session. Generic session middleware for koa, easy use with custom stores such as redis or mongo, supports defer session getter.

koa-restql - Build real RESTful APIs without writing one line of code.

  •    Javascript

Now it works perfectly with MySQL. koa-restql requires node v6.0.0 or higher for (partial) ES2015 support.

theme - a smart theme loader for CMS systems

  •    Javascript

a smart theme loader for CMS systems.require theme module and init a valid theme manager with home dir. a home dir is the very parent dir of node_modules of your project. assume your project named candy, of course in the package.json.

awilix-koa - Awilix helpers/middleware for Koa 2

  •    TypeScript

Add the middleware to your Koa app.Then in your route handlers...

koa-json-mask - Middleware allowing the client to filter the response to only what they need, reducing the amount of traffic over the wire

  •    Javascript

Middleware allowing the client to mask / filter the response to only what they need, reducing the amount of traffic over the wire using the ?fields=foo,bar,baz querystring parameter.If you've used the Google APIs, provided a ?fields= query-string to get a Partial Response, and wanted to do the same for your own server, you can do so with this middleware.

koa-unless - Conditionally add a middleware to koa with some common patterns

  •    Javascript

Conditionally skip a middleware when a condition is met.Require authentication for every request unless the path is index.html.

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