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agate - 灵活易用的nodejs后端框架

  •    Javascript

koa + nodemon + log4js + ...

lightning.ws - Web services and website files for https://lightning.ws

  •    HTML

Web services and website files for https://lightning.ws. lightning.ws hosts paywalled web services / APIs that are payable via the Lightning Network.

django-smartcc - A django Middleware that will help to set cache-control header on the views.

  •    Python

This middleware works and is designed to integrate Django with CloudFlare Cache (or similar services). Used in production on MinbilDinbil.dk servers. Then add django-smartcc in the installed apps and in the middleware, so add these line in your settings.py file.

fog-proxmox - Fog module for Proxmox VE Platform

  •    Ruby

It is intended to satisfy this feature, but Proxmox provider only, and above all this Foreman feature. It is inspired by the great fog-openstack module.

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