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middleman-asciidoc - :beginner: AsciiDoc support for Middleman 4

  •    Ruby

Middleman AsciiDoc (gem: middleman-asciidoc) is an extension for the Middleman static site generator that adds support for the AsciiDoc lightweight markup language. Specifically, this extension converts AsciiDoc files in your site source to HTML pages. This conversion is performed using Asciidoctor by default.If you’re working with an existing project, you can skip the previous steps.

middleman-autoprefixer - Autoprefixer integration with Middleman

  •    Ruby

Automatically vendor-prefix stylesheets served by Middleman.The list of targeted browsers. Takes values and uses defaults accordingly to Autoprefixer’s documentation.

middleman-thumbnailer - Thumbnailer for middleman

  •    Ruby

This activates the extension and will only process images in source/images/gallery. For a file called background.png, versions named background-small-200x.png and background-medium-400x300.png will be generated in the same directory.

middleman-sitemap-ping - Middleman extension to ping search engines (Google and Bing) with a sitemap URL

  •    Ruby

Use version 1.x of this gem for Middleman 4 or 0.x for Middleman 3. Once the extension is activated, it will ping the search engines automatically every time you build your site (unless you set config.after_build = false).

middleman-google-analytics - 📈 A @middleman plugin to handle generating your Google Analytics tracking code

  •    Gherkin

middleman-google-analytics is a Middleman extension that generates Google Analytics tracking code, and keeps your config in config.rb, where it belongs. Once you've bundled you should be able to run middleman as normal, and have it display the GA tracking code.

middleman-impress - A @middleman project template built with impress

  •    HTML

middleman-impress is a Middleman 4.x project template for impress.js (v0.6.0) with Haml, Sass and CoffeeScript. Do you need help with impress.js? See examples and other learning resources.

middleman-pattern-library - 💅 A @middleman project template for creating and managing your front-end pattern library / style guide

  •    CSS

middleman-pattern-library is a Middleman 4.x project template for creating and managing your front-end pattern library. For help, see the official Middleman website.

middleman-search - LunrJS-based search for Middleman

  •    Ruby

LunrJS-based search for Middleman. Note that a special field id is included automatically, with an autogenerated identifier to be used as the ref for the document.

middleman-title - A Middleman extension that allows you to easily set page titles for your website.

  •    Ruby

This Middleman extension allows you to easily set page titles for your website. The separator is optional and will default to a dash.

middleman-robots - middleman-robots is extension of Middleman

  •    Ruby

middleman-robots is an extension of Middleman. This can create robots.txt. This plugin support Middleman v3-stable and v4.

middleman-bootstrap-navbar - Middleman extension to easily generate a Bootstrap navbar

  •    Ruby

The necessary Bootstrap files have to be included separately, they are not part of this gem. At least the CSS files for the navbar are required, and the JS files for dropdowns and responsive features, if you want to use those in the navbar.

middleman-github-deploy - build your Middleman site and push it to your gh-pages branch

  •    Ruby

mgd stands for middleman-github-deploy and is a fork of jgd. mgd will automatically build your Middleman blog and push it to your gh-pages branch (or any other branch of your choice).

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