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word-to-markdown - A ruby gem to liberate content from Microsoft Word documents

  •    Ruby

Our default content publishing workflow is terribly broken. We've all been trained to make paper, yet today, content authored once is more commonly consumed in multiple formats, and rarely, if ever, does it embody physical form. Put another way, our go-to content authoring workflow remains relatively unchanged since it was conceived in the early 80s. I'm asked regularly by government employees — knowledge workers who fire up a desktop word processor as the first step to any project — for an automated pipeline to convert Microsoft Word documents to Markdown, the lingua franca of the internet, but as my recent foray into building just such a converter proves, it's not that simple.

DocX - Fast and easy to use

  •    CSharp

DocX is a .NET library that allows developers to manipulate Word 2007/2010/2013 files, in an easy and intuitive manner. DocX is fast, lightweight and best of all it does not require Microsoft Word or Office to be installed.NOTE: There is a new Master branch as of Oct. 3, 2017. Please read about the Classic branch if you were using this project before the change.

OpenXML Document Viewer


The main goal of the OpenXML Document Viewer project is to create software tools, plus guidance, showing how a documents created using Open XML Format can be translated to HTML. As a result Independent Software Vendors(ISVs), Solutions Integrators & Mobile Solution providers can

The Document Factory


The Document Factory is an open source template to Microsoft Document application library. It comes in two forms a web based library designed for use as a web service on a node that does not have Microsoft Word installed and a windows library for use on work stations that do h...

Literaturrecherche für Microsoft Word


Erweiterung der Quellenverwaltung von Microsoft Word (ab Version 2007) um die Literaturrecherche über eine Bibliotheksdatenbank.

ExtDiff - Compare documents using MS Word from the command line.

  •    PowerShell

This is a small command line script that will compare two files using Microsoft Word file comparison tool. Microsoft Word will be started using COM automation. It is useful as a diff tool for Word-related file types.

fresh-themes - Multiformat themes and skins for your technical résumé/CV.

  •    TeX

Stylized templates for your résumé and/or CV, compatible with FRESH/FRESCA and (through conversion) JSON Resume formats. FRESH themes are multiformat, Markdown-aware, standards-friendly templates for résumés, CVs, and other employment artifacts.

BibWord - Microsoft Word and Bibliography Styles extender.

  •    XSLT

This work is only made possible by the original work of Yves Dhondt (yves.dhondt@gmail.com) and his original project, found at https://bibword.codeplex.com/. I have created this project to preserve this work as it will otherwise disappear with the closure of CodePlex and I found it invaluable in my own studies. I will aim to keep this up to date (feel free to raise issues) however should the original project be migrated to another source I will be closing this in favor of one maintained by its original author. To use the bibliography styles, they have to be copied into the Microsoft Word bibliography style directory. This directory can vary depending on where Word is installed. Once the styles are copied to the directory, they will show up every time Microsoft Word is opened.

WordGit - Git diff and merge on Word docs, using Word's native support.

  •    AppleScript

A tool that allows you to diff and merge Word (.docx) files with git. Currently Mac only. No, this is implemented using Apple's scripting support. However, you may be able to use TortoiseGit's Windows implementation of the same feature.

PSWriteWord - PSWriteWord is powershell module to create Microsoft Word documents without Microsoft Word installed

  •    PowerShell

PSWriteWord is PowerShell module to create Microsoft Word documents without Microsoft Word installed. This module is based on DocX from Xceed Software (https://github.com/xceedsoftware/DocX). DocX is the free, open source version of Xceed Words for .NET. Originally written by Cathal Coffey, and maintained by Przemyslaw Klys (me), it is now maintained by Xceed. This also means any bugs / issues with C# version of it will be available in PSWriteWord. On the other hand since Xceed releases new versions of DocX (just a few versions behind the pay version) it means eventually PSWriteWord will get even more features. This also means that if something is not yet available in commands that are listed below or are incomplete you can take the .net approach and simply use it that way.

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