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android_packages_apps_GmsCore - Implementation of Play Services Core package

  •    Java

microG GmsCore is a FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) framework to allow applications designed for Google Play Services to run on systems, where Play Services is not available.

android_packages_apps_UnifiedNlp - The next generation Network Location Provider, based on plugins.

  •    Java

The next generation Network Location Provider, based on plugins. Usually abbreviated as UnifiedNlp. Release builds may be found on the release page.

android_external_GmsLib - Play Services client library

  •    Java

This library is a compatibility implementation of the often used play-services library. It will try to use the Play Services when installed on the target device. If this is not possible, a basic fallback implementation might be used.

android_external_MicroGUiTools - UI helpers used in GmsCore and UnifiedNlp

  •    Java

This repository holds a library providing various UI features used in microG apps (GmsCore and UnifiedNlp).

android_external_SafeParcel - Helper library and format description for SafeParcel, a version-agnostic parcelable serializer

  •    Java

SafeParcel is a mechanism to serialize objects on the Android platform into Parcelables version-agnostic. This is achieved by prefixing each field with a unique identifying number and its length. When deserializing, unknown fields can be skipped and the field order is not relevant.

android_external_UnifiedNlpApi - API interfaces and helpers to create backends for UnifiedNlp

  •    Java

This library contains anything needed to build a backend for UnifiedNlp. You'll most likely want to override this method. It is called every time when an application requests a location.

AppleWifiNlpBackend - UnifiedNlp Backend that uses Apple's service to resolve wifi locations

  •    Java

UnifiedNlp backend that uses Apple's service to resolve wifi locations. Location calculation is done onboard and wifi locations are cached to minimize data usage.

IchnaeaNlpBackend - Backend for UnifiedNlp that uses Mozilla Location Service for geolocation.

  •    Java

UnifiedNlp backend that uses Mozilla Location Services to resolve locations. The launcher icon (res/mipmap-*/ic_launcher.png) is created using the Launcher Icon Generator from Android Asset Studio and thus licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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