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teleport - Privileged access management for elastic infrastructure.

  •    Go

Teleport is built on top of the high-quality Golang SSH implementation and it is fully compatible with OpenSSH and can be used with sshd servers and ssh clients. Download the latest binary release, unpack the .tar.gz and run sudo ./install. This will copy Teleport binaries into /usr/local/bin.

swamp - Teh AWS profile manager

  •    Go

You can use swamp to switch AWS profiles with ease. swamp assumes you have an AWS account with CLI access credentials and you want to assume role into a set of AWS accounts from there. swamp optionally supports MFA authentication before assuming the target role.

one-time - One Time Password (TOTP and HOTP) library for Clojure

  •    Clojure

A Clojure library for generating one time passwords (HOTP & TOTP) as per RFC 4226 and RFC 6238. One time passwords are used by a lot of websites for multi factor / two factor authentication. You can find a list of such websites here. One-Time is a feature complete and fairly stable library, given the small surface area of it's intent. Bugfixes and dependency updates will be made as required.

shibboleth-mfa-u2f-auth - U2F multifactor authentication plugin for Shibboleth IdPv3

  •    Groovy

This project is work in progress. U2F authentication flow for Shibboleth Identity Provider v3.3.x. The U2F flow is designed to be used together with another login flow, usually by utilizing the MFA login flow.

mfa-monitor - Backendless security monitoring for your MFA enabled services. πŸ”

  •    Javascript

Monitor your online applications without worrying about the hosting platform, bills, and servers. Run simple crontab task to oversee the actual state of the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) among different services like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Github, Google, Slack and more. The installation consists of two simple steps. The first one is the NPM dependency installation process and the second one is the MFA monitor configuration.

aws-keyring - Easier & more secure management of your AWS keys & MFA tokens

  •    Python

aws-keyring is a simple utility to make handling your AWS credentials a little more secure and easy. Instead of hard-coding your credentials into dotfiles, aws-keyring will instead store them in your system keychain / keyring. aws-keyring also makes dealing with AWS MFA much easier when using the AWS CLI or other AWS API tools.

twothy - Two factor authenticator for CLI

  •    Go

Installation assumes that you have Go environment configured. Once inside project' folder, simply run make test to run the tests.

django-mfa - Django-mfa (Multi Factor Authentication) is a simple package to add extra layer of security to your django web application

  •    Python

Django-mfa(Multi-factor Authentication) is a simple django package to add extra layer of security to your web application. Django-mfa is providing easiest integration to enable Multi factor authentication to your django applications. Inspired by the user experience of Google's Authentication, django-mfa allows users to authenticate through text message(SMS) or by using token generator app like google authenticator. We welcome your feedback on this package. If you run into problems, please raise an issue or contribute to the project by forking the repository and sending some pull requests.

terraform-aws-iam-assumed-roles - Terraform Module for Assumed Roles on AWS with IAM Groups Requiring MFA

  •    HCL

Terraform module to provision two IAM roles and two IAM groups for assuming the roles provided MFA is present, and add IAM users to the groups. To give a user administrator's access, add the user to the admin group.

bastion - πŸ”’Secure Bastion implemented as Docker Container running Alpine Linux with Google Authenticator & DUO MFA support

  •    Shell

This is a secure/locked-down bastion implemented as a Docker Container. It uses Alpine Linux as the base image and ships with support for Google Authenticator & DUO MFA support. It was designed to be used on Kubernetes together with GitHub Authorized Keys to provide secure remote access to production clusters.

awsp - AWS credential profile changer

  •    Shell

You might need to allow users from another AWS account to access resources in your AWS account. If so, don't share security credentials, such as access keys, between accounts. Instead, use IAM roles. You can define a role that specifies what permissions the IAM users in the other account are allowed, and from which AWS accounts the IAM users are allowed to assume the role. To make process of switching profiles (environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY among others) it is handy to use the code provided on this repo.

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