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MahApps.Metro - A toolkit for creating Metro / Modern UI styled WPF apps.

  •    CSharp

A toolkit for creating metro-style WPF applications. Lots of goodness out-of-the box.This framework is free and can be used for free, open source and commercial applications. It's tested and contributed by many people... So mainly hit the ⭐️ button, that's all... thx (💵, 💶, 🍺 or some other gifts are also being accepted...).

MahApps.Metro.SimpleChildWindow - A simple child window for MahApps.Metro

  •    CSharp

A simple child window for MahApps.Metro. The NuGet package contains an assembly with the ChildWindow class and the ChildWindowManager helper class inside.

Explore10 - Modern File Explorer

  •    CSharp

The new fancy Windows Explorer alternative. Please download Visual Studio 2015 and open the solution, then build. #Status Somewhat usable, right now. A re-write which changes the UI to fit the MDL2 format is in the works. This will only ever be a proof of concept unless someone wants to contribute money or code.