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beats - :tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

  •    Go

The Beats are lightweight data shippers, written in Go, that you install on your servers to capture all sorts of operational data (think of logs, metrics, or network packet data). The Beats send the operational data to Elasticsearch, either directly or via Logstash, so it can be visualized with Kibana.By "lightweight", we mean that Beats have a small installation footprint, use limited system resources, and have no runtime dependencies.

beats-docker - Official Beats Docker images

  •    Python

This repository contains the official Beats Docker images from Elastic.Acceptance tests for the images are located in the test directory, and can be invoked with make test. Python 3.5 is required to run the tests. They are based on the excellent testinfra, which is itself based on the wonderful pytest.

vagrant-elastic-stack - Giving the Elastic Stack a try in Vagrant

  •    Shell

This repository will install the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats) and optionally X-Pack. You can either start from scratch and configure everything with Vagrant and Ansible or you can download the final OVA image. Do a simple vagrant up by using Vagrant's Ansible provisioner. All you need is a working Vagrant installation (1.8.6+ but the latest version is always recommended), a provider (tested with the latest VirtualBox version), and 2.5GB of RAM.

beats-formula - SaltStack formula to manage Elastic Beats platform

  •    SaltStack

Install and configure the Elastic Beats patform. See the full Salt Formulas installation and usage instructions.

beat-exporter - Elastic beat-exporter for Prometheus

  •    Go

Exposes (file|metric)beat statistics from beats statistics endpoint to prometheus format, automaticly configuring collectors for apporiate beat type. This will expose (file|metrics|*)beat http endpoint at given port.

httpbeat - Elastic Beat to call HTTP endpoints

  •    Go

I'm happy to announce that Httpbeat will become a core feature of the Beats framework 6.0 with the introduction of the Http module of Metricbeat. I would like to give special thanks to Nicolas Ruflin for his support during the migration of the Httpbeat into the new Http module.

cloudwatchmetricbeat - A beat for AWS CloudWatch Metrics

  •    Go

Download a binary, and put it in a good spot on your system. Or use the Dockerfile to build a Docker image. The CloudWatch Exporter uses the AWS Go SDK, which offers a variety of ways to provide credentials. This includes the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables.

ansible - A Curated Ansible Toolkit for Elastic Stack

  •    Ruby

Open port 9300 within cluster nodes, open port 9204 for coordinating nodes, open 5601 for Kibana nodes. You can create your own playbook, but here ships with examples, es/site.yml is for multi-role elasticsearch deployment, you can modify the relevant configuration of each node separately in es/vars/{ROLE}.yml. general parameters are located in es/vars/vars.yml.

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