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statsd - Daemon for easy but powerful stats aggregation

  •    Javascript

A network daemon that runs on the Node.js platform and listens for statistics, like counters and timers, sent over UDP or TCP and sends aggregates to one or more pluggable backend services (e.g., Graphite). values Each stat will have a value. How it is interpreted depends on modifiers. In general values should be integers.

bell.js - No longer maintained. Use https://github.com/eleme/banshee instead please.

  •    Javascript

Bell.js is a real-time anomalies(outliers) detection system for periodic time series, built to be able to monitor a large quantity of metrics. It collects metrics form statsd, analyzes them with the 3-sigma, once enough anomalies were found in a short time it alerts us via sms/email etc.We eleme use it to monitor our website/rpc interfaces, including api called frequency, api response time(time cost per call) and exceptions count. Our services send these statistics to statsd, statsd aggregates them every 10 seconds and broadcasts the results to its backends including bell, bell analyzes current stats with history data, calculates the trending, and alerts us if the trending behaves anomalous.

js-quantities - JavaScript library for quantity calculation and unit conversion

  •    Javascript

JS-quantities is originally a JavaScript port of Kevin Olbrich's library Ruby Units (http://github.com/olbrich/ruby-units). The library aims to simplify the handling of units for scientific calculations involving quantities.

distance-transform - Distance transforms for ndarrays

  •    Javascript

Performs a distance transform of array in place using Meijster's algorithm.array is updated in place and gets the distance values.

convert-units - An elegant way to convert quantities between different units.

  •    Javascript

A handy utility for converting between quantities in different units.convert-units has a simple chained API that is easy to read.

metrick - 📏 Babel-powered unit magick

  •    Javascript

Metrick is a library which allows you to convert units and avoid using magic numbers! In combination with a JavaScript syntax extension included with Babel, it allows for a new, clean and human-like syntax for doing so. The explicit syntax makes use of an in function to convert the original unit into another supplied unit. Passing a valid Unit object of the same type to in will return the result as a number.

hoard - node.js lib for storing time series data on disk, similar to RRD.

  •    Javascript

Hoard is a library for storing time series data data on disk in an efficient way. The format lends itself very for collecting and recording data over time, for example temperatures, CPU utilization, bandwidth consumption, requests per second and other metrics. It is very similar to RRD, but comes with a few improvements. Hoard is based on an existing file format called Whisper. It was designed by Chris Davis for the Graphite project and features improvements over the RRD file format. Whisper is implemented in Python and Hoard is merely a straight-forward port of that implementation over to node.js.

jaro-winkler - The Jaro-Winkler distance metric for node and browser.

  •    Javascript

A string similarity function using the Jaro-Winkler distance metric. Returns a number between 0 and 1. A 0 being no similarity and a 1 being an exact match. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

byte-size - Convert a bytes value to a more human-readable format

  •    Javascript

Convert a bytes value to a more human-readable format. Choose between metric or IEC units, summarised below. © 2014-17 Lloyd Brookes <75pound@gmail.com>. Documented by jsdoc-to-markdown.

pyemd - Fast EMD for Python: a wrapper for Pele and Werman's C++ implementation of the Earth Mover's Distance metric

  •    C++

PyEMD is a Python wrapper for Ofir Pele and Michael Werman's implementation of the Earth Mover's Distance that allows it to be used with NumPy. If you use this code, please cite the papers listed at the end of this document. Returns: (float) The EMD value.

ember-perf - Measure user-percieved performance data in your ember.js app

  •    Javascript

You then need to go to the instance intializer and fill in the body of the event listener with something useful (i.e., sending the performance data somewhere). To track render performance within a single route (i.e. how long did it take for an action triggered rerender to complete), you would use the measureRender method.

bisec-tree - Bisector tree implementation in OCaml

  •    OCaml

Bisector tree implementation in OCaml. A bisector tree allows to do fast and exact nearest neighbor searches in any space provided that you have a metric (function) to measure the distance between any two points in that space.

vp-tree - Vantage point tree implementation in OCaml

  •    OCaml

A vantage point tree implementation in OCaml. Cf. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= for details.

thundra-agent-python - Thundra Lambda Python Agent

  •    Python

By default, Thundra agent reports by making an HTTPS request. This adds an overhead to your lambda function. You can configure Thundra using environment variables or module initialization parameters.

thundra-lambda-agent-go - Thundra Lambda Go Agent

  •    Go

Check out Thundra docs for more information. In order to trace your lambda usages with Thundra all you need to do is wrap your function.

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