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Supporting Guidance and Whitepapers


This Visual Studio ALM Rangers project delivers research whitepapers and practical guidance for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, which have and are being created as part and in support of ALM Ranger solutions.

VSTS Scrum Process Template


This is a community project that will result in a usable SCRUM process template for Team System. You will be able to download this process template from CodePlex and upload it into VSTS.

InnerSourcePatterns - Proven approaches that can guide you through applying open source best practices within your organization


This repository serves as the collection-point, ideation hub, and process behind the InnerSource Commons' InnerSource Patterns--a set of proven and reviewed solutions to InnerSource problems. These patterns illustrate beneficial activities and behaviors found in organizations who apply InnerSource methodologies.Patterns are a way of describing a repeatable, proven solution to a problem with a context. They follow a simple form that helps people wanting to implement the solution to understand the constraints on the problem, the forces that must be balanced and the resulting context (the situation you are left with after the solution is applied). In inner sourcing, patterns can provide a way for the InnerSource Commons participants to concisely share information with each other, improving the practice of inner sourcing. Each of the patterns are divided into Title, Problem Statement, Context, Forces, and Solutions as their main sections.

issues-label-standard - 🐝 An unofficial standardization for GitHub labels, influenced by larger issue tracking softwares


This is an unofficial standard and guide for creating scalable and efficient naming conventions and practices for GitHub Issues, where the default labels are unfortunately not enough for larger, collaborative, projects. This standard practice can be applied to newly created GitHub repositories or added on top of existing ones. The philosophy behind this unofficial standard is to not only add scalable structure to the naming conventions of the label, but also the colors, sub-categories, and personal discipline.

devrelometer - DevRelOMeter: Are you practicing Developer Evangelism or Advocacy?

  •    Javascript

A Developer Relations Meter (DevRelOMeter) to determine if you are practicing - or considering practicing - Developer Evangelism or Advocacy. I wrote a blog post on Defining Developer Relations which was the inspiration for the DevRelOMeter.

coderockr-way-github-setup - Basic setup to use the Coderockr Way methodology

  •    Shell

We now support setting up projects on GitHub and GitLab, click in the links to see more. This repository has a script named coderockr-way-github-setup.bash there are two ways to use it.

Title-CSS - A CSS organization methodology


Title CSS is an organizational technique geared to help you write beautiful and maintainable CSS. Similar to BEM, Title CSS aims to make CSS more readable by giving visual cues. The trick to Title CSS is simple. For any global CSS class use a title case name (uppercase the first letter). For any modifiers or descendant class begin the class with a lowercase letter.

guide - Aiming to be a fully transparent company

  •    Javascript

Welcome! The source{d} guide documentation is where you will find all information relevant for sourcerers (source{d} team members) and anyone interested in who we are, what we do, and how we do it. This documentation is open to everyone, sourcerers and non-sourcerers. So please feel free to suggest improvements or ask questions via issues, or directly open a pull request suggesting changes or reviewing someone those of someone else.

meta - Home of Repeatable Software Development Process

  •    HTML

wemake.services is a group of technology evangelists and simply those who love to write beautiful code. We are dedicated to deliver products of high quality basing on best practices, broad experience and a good portion of common sense. We focus on large, both public-sector and commercial projects with complicated infrastructure, and we care about what we do. We love Python and Elixir. We use JavaScript.

designcourse - Course materials for "Research Design in Political Science"

  •    TeX

Some course materials for the Research Design in Political Science lecture series in Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Read more about why this course is on GitHub here.

assessment-mindset - Security Mindmap that could be useful for the infosec community when doing pentest, bug bounty or red-team assessments


I did this to help me on my security assessments (pentest, bug bounty, red-team, kung) and to keep my work well organized. Each time I finished a task, I marked it with a check icon using XMind. If you don't have this tool, print the image version and use your pencil to mark it as done.