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hubzilla - build community websites that can interact with one another

  •    PHP

Hubzilla is a general purpose communication server integrated with a web publishing system and a decentralised permission system. If this sounds like a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo to you, just think of it as an independent platform for sharing stuff online (publicly or privately). Hubzilla contains some social network bits, some cloud storage bits, some blog and forum bits, and some content management bits. These are all integrated within a common privacy framework - and it is all decentralised.

The Last FIM Metaverse Extension You Will Ever Need


This is a Forefront Identity Manager Metaverse Extension that will provide the user with codeless provisioning.

janusweb - An in-browser implementation of JanusVR

  •    Javascript

A web framework for building social virtual reality experiences. There are several different ways to use JanusWeb, depending on how much control you want to have over the whole system.

opencollar - The Open Source Role Play Device for the Metaverse.

  •    LSL

OpenCollar Six is a set of LSL scripts and other creative content, such as animations, sounds, textures, graphics and 3D models, which can be used to create role play devices in the form of scripted accessory and/or so-called HUDs. Punk, goth and fetish collars would be the most popular of those and OpenCollar eventually became everyone's script set of choice to create items that are used for creative role play amongst adults in Second Life®.