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leprechaun - Connect an email ID to your IIT KGP roll number!

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Note: The public API can be accessed only by a few applications right now. If you would like to use the API, contact one of the maintainers on Metakgp Slack. Authentication: In your request, add an Authorization header. The value of the header should be Bearer <TOKEN>. You can get this token from one of the maintainers.

metakgp-wiki - Dockerized source for the metakgp wiki.

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Dockerized for fun and profit. New to Docker? See the Runbook for some useful recipes.

mfqp - Question paper search

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Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPLv3). Please read CONTRIBUTING.md guide to know more.

twerp - Tethering Wiki to ERP

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Rajat is a twerp. He complains about the wiki not being updated frequently and is not willing to edit the pages by himself..... Presenting to you twerp - The complete remedy for twerp. Let the bot handle it. As of now it can add the timetable for the courses being offered by IITKGP in a semester to the corresponding page on metakgp wiki.