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File Metadata


Enable Explorer in Vista, Windows 7 and later to see, edit and search on tags and other metadata for any file type

node-acoustid - Get music metadata from AcoustID web service

  •    Javascript

Get MusicBrainz metadata for a given audio file via the AcoustID Web Service. Looks up information about the given audio file.

meta-extractor - Super simple and fast html page meta data extractor with low memory footprint

  •    Javascript

Super simple and fast meta data extractor with low memory footprint. If no callback provided returns a Promise.

metaget - A Node.js module to fetch HTML meta tags (including Open Graph) from a remote URL

  •    Javascript

It's possible to set any HTTP headers in the request. This can be done by specifying them as options in the call. If no options are provided the only default header is a User-Agent of "request". The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

app-metadata - Manage page meta tags for SEO

  •    HTML

app-metadata is a singleton element used to manage page meta-data for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It will add and remove <meta> elements to the page <head> section based on the JSON object passed to it. In order to make use of the meta data manager, it is best to request it's availability in the app element.

where-is-resolver - Попытка ответить на вопрос о резольверах, проверяющих домены из списка РКН

  •    Lua

В данном репозитории лежат скрипты и конфигурационные файлы для нескольких доменов из списка РКН. Эти домены выбраны исходя из следующего принципа: пара доменов для https-записей, пара для http и пара для записей вообще без URL-ов.

ember-resource-metadata - Per-resource metadata for ember-data

  •    Javascript

The JSONAPI spec allows any resource to have its own meta object. Ember Data doesn't support meta in this position. This addon exists to fill the gap. It expects to receive JSONAPI-compliant responses from the server (because it will expect to find /data/id, /data/type, and /data/meta in the response).

metadata-resource - a resource that passes the metadata of the job to the task

  •    Go

Implements a resource that passes to a task the metadata of the job. Caution: misuse may result in angry concourse developers. This resource was created for the sole purpose of linking the Artifactory artifacts to the current build.