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page-metadata-parser - A Javascript library for parsing metadata on a web page.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for parsing metadata in a Web Page.

xpiks - Cross-Platform Image Keywording Software for microstock photographers and illustrators

  •    C++

Xpiks is a free and open source keywording and uploading tool for microstock photographers and illustrators. It was written from scratch with aim to make it more usefull, convenient and quicker than existing tools.

WordPress-Revisional-Metabox - Revisional metaboxes in WordPress made easy.

  •    PHP

Revisional metaboxes in WordPress made easy. WordPress 2.6 introduced post revisions for the editor so that authors could save revisions of their content. While this feature has been great for storing revisions of the built-in post title, content, and excerpt fields, it was not very flexible for use by developers to store other data.

servicestack-introspec - An introspection and specification plugin for ServiceStack

  •    CSharp

A plugin for ServiceStack that generates a series of POCOs documenting all available services as well as request and response DTOs. These POCOs will allow the data to be be visualised in a number of standard API documentation formats (e.g. postman, swagger, RAML). The plugin uses introspection on a number of different sources to generate as rich a set of documentation POCOs as possible, containing request/response types, status codes, constraints etc.

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