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torsniff - torsniff - a sniffer that sniffs torrents from BitTorrent network

  •    Go

torsniff is a torrent sniffer, it sniffs torrents that people are using to download movies, music, docs, games and so on from BitTorrent network. A torrent has valuable information, so you can use torsniff to build your own torrent database(e.g: The Pirate Bay), or to do data mining and analyzing.

spotify-downloader - Download Spotify playlists with albumart and meta-tags

  •    Python

Downloads songs from YouTube in an MP3 format by using Spotify's HTTP link. Can also download a song by entering its artist and song name (in case if you don't have the Spotify's HTTP link for some song).

MusicRepair - Fixes music metadata and adds album art.

  •    Go

Download the latest binary from the releases page. Initially, you'll have to add the Spotify credentials.

multiscanner - Modular file scanning/analysis framework

  •    Javascript

MultiScanner is a file analysis framework that assists the user in evaluating a set of files by automatically running a suite of tools for the user and aggregating the output. Tools can be custom built Python scripts, web APIs, software running on another machine, etc. Tools are incorporated by creating modules that run in the MultiScanner framework. Modules are designed to be quickly written and easily incorporated into the framework. Currently written and maintained modules are related to malware analytics, but the framework is not limited to that scope. For a list of modules you can look in modules/. Descriptions and config options can be found on the Analysis Modules page.

XEML Environment Ontology


XeO is an ontology developed at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology Golm. XeO describes environmental parameter within biological experiments.

SmartInspect Unity Interception Extension


This a library to integrate and use the SmartInspect logging tool with the Unity dependency injection and AOP framework. Various attributes help you to quickly instrument your application with useful logging calls.

Cryolite MDD Framework

  •    DotNet

Cryolite project is the framework for model driven development. At this moment the project contains of two libraries: one is for creating transaction supported objects and the second is for sql server schema updating.

OpenGraph-Net - .Net Open Graph Parser written in CShap

  •    CSharp

A simple .net assembly to use to parse Open Graph information from either a URL or an HTML snippet. You can read more about the Open Graph protocol.

node-icy - Node.js module for parsing and/or injecting ICY metadata

  •    Javascript

This module offers a Reader class for retrieving the raw audio data and parsing the metadata from an ICY stream (commonly SHOUTcast or Icecast broadcasts).There's also a Writer class that allows you to inject your own metadata into a data stream, which can then be displayed by another ICY client (like VLC).

file-tree - Generate a tree of file metadata that matches d3's hierarchy layout format

  •    Javascript

A more flexible, asynchronous version of file-size-tree.Takes an array of files.

itunes-library-stream - Streaming parser for the contents of iTunes Library XML files

  •    Javascript

Streaming parser for the contents of iTunes Library XML files. Supports retrieving the complete library track listing, but playlist listings aren't complete yet.Should be useful for either ditching iTunes programatically or at least mucking around with its data.

metahub - github metadata cache/mirror

  •    Javascript

A per-repo, always-up-to-date cache of Github's meta-data (like issues, PRs, and comments). Great for speeding up requests and avoiding running over GitHub's API limits.Long-running services that want to frequently calculate/respond to metrics based on Github Issues, PRs, and comments. Metahub was created for Mary Poppins, a tool for helping to manage issues and PRs on populat Github repos.

composure - Don't fear the Unix chainsaw

  •    Shell

Composure is POSIX-compliant, and is known to work on ksh93, zsh, and bash, on osx and linux.Please feel free to open an issue if you have any difficulties on your system.

html-metadata - MetaData html scraper and parser for Node.js (supports Promises and callback style)

  •    Javascript

The aim of this library is to be a comprehensive source for extracting all html embedded metadata. Currently it supports Schema.org microdata using a third party library, a native BEPress, Dublin Core, Highwire Press, JSON-LD, Open Graph, Twitter, EPrints, PRISM, and COinS implementation, and some general metadata that doesn't belong to a particular standard (for instance, the content of the title tag, or meta description tags).You can also pass an options object as the first argument containing extra parameters. Some websites require the user-agent or cookies to be set in order to get the response.

node-drone-video - Dump AR

  •    Javascript

Save down AR.Drone video streams to your filesystem with associated navdata video streams. Splicing and editing the raw stream and navdata stream is left up to you to do in Final Cut or whatever your preferred video editor is.Once installation is complete, you can begin recording video output from the AR.Drone. First connect to your drone's WiFi hotspot (for example: ardrone2_058438).

dsv-dataset - A metadata specification and parsing library for data sets.

  •    Javascript

A metadata specification and parsing library for data sets. One of the many recurring issues in data visualization is parsing data sets. Data sets are frequently represented in a delimiter-separated value (DSV) format, such as comma-separated value (CSV) or tab-separated value (TSV). Conveniently, the d3-dsv library supports parsing such data sets. However, the resulting parsed data table has string values for every column, and it is up to the developer to parse those string values into numbers or dates, depending on the data.

html-frontmatter - Extract key-value metadata from HTML comments

  •    Javascript

In the world of printed books, front matter is the stuff at the beginning of the book like the title page, foreword, preface, table of contents, etc. In the world of computer programming, frontmatter is metadata at the top of a file. The term was (probably) popularized by the Jekyll static site generator. Unlike YAML frontmatter though, HTML frontmatter lives inside plain old HTML comments, so it will be quietly ignored by tools/browsers that don't know about it.

redeyed - Takes JavaScript code, along with a config and returns the original code with tokens wrapped and/or replaced as configured

  •    Javascript

Takes JavaScript code, along with a config and returns the original code with tokens wrapped and/or replaced as configured. One usecase is adding metadata to your code that can then be used to apply syntax highlighting.