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wordpress-seo - Yoast SEO for WordPress

  •    PHP

While the documentation for the Yoast SEO plugin can be found on Yoast.com, here you can browse the source of the project, find and discuss open issues and even contribute yourself. Here's a guide on how to install Yoast SEO in your WordPress site.

Medusa - Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows

  •    Python

Before using this with your existing database (sickbeard.db) please make a backup copy of it and delete any other database files such as cache.db and failed.db if present We HIGHLY recommend starting out with no database files at all to make this a fresh start but the choice is at your own risk. A full list can be found here. Jackett is supported, however it must be configured as follows.

messybrainz-server - The MessyBrainz project

  •    CSS

The server components for the MessyBrainz project. MessyBrainz is a MetaBrainz project to support unclean metadata. While MusicBrainz is designed to link clean metadata to stable identifiers, there is a need to identify unclean or misspelled data as well. MessyBrainz provides identifiers to unclean metadata, and where possible, links it to stable MusicBrainz identifiers.

Yoast-SEO-for-TYPO3 - Yoast SEO plugin for TYPO3

  •    Javascript

This plugin integrates text analysis and assessment from YoastSEO.js. Content analysis can generate interesting metrics about a text and give you an assessment which can be used to improve the text. There is no need for configuration although it is recommended to remove all other SEO related plugins creating metatags in frontend. There are however some configuration options available. More information about configuring Yoast SEO for TYPO3 can be found in the manual on https://docs.typo3.org.

siskin - Tasks around metadata.

  •    Python

Various tasks for heterogeneous metadata handling for Project finc. Based on luigi from Spotify. Currently, Python 2 and 3 support is on the way and the installation might be a bit flaky.

hushlist - HushList Protocol: Censorship Resistant Metadata-Minimizing Multi-Blockchain Communication

  •    TeX

Hushlist uses the Hush blockchain (Zcash and some other forks will be supported) to implement anonymous and pseudonymous mailing lists using the encrypted 512 byte memo field of the Zcash Protocol. Hush inherits all RPCs from Bitcoin 0.11.2 and Zcash, which are used to implement Hushlist. Hushlist requires a computer with Perl 5.8+, and access to a fullnode RPC server which is often run on localhost. Hushlist supports all platforms that Hush currently supports, which is Linux, Mac and Windows. A testnet (TUSH) node can also be used.

ghost-meta - Ghost meta allows you to store multiple meta values in a single meta record, with an API that mirrors the Metadata API

  •    PHP

This plugin provides functionality to work with a _ghost_meta custom field value and be able to function with it as if it were the same as get_post_meta() using get_ghost_meta(). It can hold a ton of extra data which you may not want to clutter up the wp_postmeta table with. It also integrates with the core WordPress Metadata API to make it easy for other plugins to interact with it.

rexiv2 - Rust library for read/write access to media-file metadata (Exif, XMP, and IPTC)

  •    Rust

This library provides a Rust wrapper around the gexiv2 library, which is a GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library, which provides read and write access to the Exif, XMP, and IPTC metadata in media files (typically photos) in various formats. API documentation is available online.

scif - scientific filesystem: a filesystem organization for scientific software and metadata

  •    Python

This module will provide tools for generating and interacting with scientific filesystems, optimized for use on a host or inside a container. This code is licensed under the Affero GPL, version 3.0 or later LICENSE.

DicoGIS - Automatic creation of a dictionary of geographic data

  •    Python

Automatize the creation of a dictionnary of geographic data in a folders structure. The output dictionary is an Excel file (.xls). Available in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish) but you can add your own translations (in locale folder).

pdftag - A simple metadata editor for PDFs for Linux and Windows

  •    Vala

The main goal of Pdftag is to provide a simple and usable solution to edit metadata found in PDFs. Other more complex solutions exist to manipulate PDFs, but they may have dependencies on Java and may be not completely free.

ipfs-tika - Java web application taking IPFS hashes, extracting (textual) content and metadata through Apache's Tika

  •    Java

Java web application taking IPFS hashes, extracting (textual) content and metadata through Apache's Tika.

YouTube-MA - 💾 YouTube video metadata archiver written in Golang

  •    Go

But you can also use a list of IDs, be carefull to have an ID per line, no complete URL. Here 32 is the number of goroutines maximum that can be run at the same time, it'll depend on your system, as it's also linked to a certain number of files opened at the same time, that could be limited by your system's configuration. If you want to use a bigger value, tweak your system, such as ulimit. Default for this value if you don't precise any value is 16, should be safe in most system.

tropy - Research photo management

  •    Javascript

Bring order to your research — use the power of Tropy to organize and describe your research photos so you can quickly find your sources whenever you need them. Visit tropy.org to learn more or follow @tropy on Twitter for important announcements. To get started, download the latest version of Tropy for your platform, check out the user's manual and join the discussion on the forums.

ckanext-extractor - A full text and metadata extractor for CKAN

  •    Python

A CKAN extension for automatically extracting text and metadata from datasets. ckanext-extractor automatically extracts text and metadata from your resources and adds them to the search index so that they can be used to find your data.