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DnEcuDiag - A .NET Ecu Diagnostic Application

  •    CSharp

DnEcuDiag is an application framework for developing electronic control unit diagnostic functionality without the need to implement code.

Fluent Metadata for .NET RIA Services

  •    CSharp

Fluent Metadata allows you to use a fluent interface to add metadata to your entities. The library is written in C#.

OpenGraph-Net - .Net Open Graph Parser written in CShap

  •    CSharp

A simple .net assembly to use to parse Open Graph information from either a URL or an HTML snippet. You can read more about the Open Graph protocol.

metadata-extractor-dotnet - Extracts Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC and other metadata from image and movie files

  •    CSharp

MetadataExtractor is a straightforward .NET library for reading metadata from image and movie files.Alternatively, search for MetadataExtractor in the Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager.

xmp-core-dotnet - .NET library for working with the Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)

  •    CSharp

This library is a port of Adobe's XMP SDK to .NET.The API should be familiar to users of Adobe's XMPCore 5.1.2, though it has been modified in places to better suit .NET development.

geoportal-server - Geoportal Server is a standards-based, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including data and services

  •    CSharp

Geoportal Server is a standards-based, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including data and services. Geoportal Server allows you to catalog the locations and descriptions of your organization's geospatial resources in a central repository called a geoportal, which you can publish to the Internet or your intranet. Visitors to the geoportal can search and access these resources to use with their projects. If you grant them permission, visitors can also register geospatial resources with the geoportal. Geoportals give you an enterprise-level view of your geospatial resources regardless of their type or location. Resources are registered with a geoportal using metadata, which describes the location, age, quality, and other characteristics of the resources. With access to this information about resources, an organization can make decisions based on the best resources available. Geoportal Server has been hosted on SourceForge since 2010. We are in the process of migrating to GitHub as part of Esri's larger effort to support developers of the Esri platform with open source apps, samples, and SDK. Stay tuned for updates of this migration process.

cogs - Convention-based Ontology Generation System

  •    CSharp

The Convention-based Ontology Generation System (COGS) gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build ontologies that enables a clean separation of concerns and gives you full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development. COGS includes many features that enable fast, Test Driven Development for publishing sophisticated models in a variety of formats. COGS is for domain experts and groups who value ease of collaboration and low technical barriers for participation.

metadata-tools - Contains tools for metadata, such as Roslyn's metadata visualizer.

  •    CSharp

Tools for inspecting and manipulating PE/COFF and ECMA335 metadata files. Pre-release builds are available on MyGet gallery: https://dotnet.myget.org/Gallery/metadata-tools.

servicestack-introspec - An introspection and specification plugin for ServiceStack

  •    CSharp

A plugin for ServiceStack that generates a series of POCOs documenting all available services as well as request and response DTOs. These POCOs will allow the data to be be visualised in a number of standard API documentation formats (e.g. postman, swagger, RAML). The plugin uses introspection on a number of different sources to generate as rich a set of documentation POCOs as possible, containing request/response types, status codes, constraints etc.

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