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  •    DotNet

Welcome to the XEML project page. This project aims to realize a standard for the control and documentation of experimental design and growth, with a maximum of power in terms of data processing, not only to obtain reliable molecular and physiological data, but also to make plant

front-matter - Extract YAML front matter from strings

  •    Javascript

Extract meta data (front-matter) from documents. This modules does not do any IO (file loading or reading), only extracting and parsing front matter from strings.

opengraphjs - Parse shareable metadata from webpages using the open graph protocol.

  •    Javascript

OpenGraphJS builds a JSON object from a web page which follows the Open Graph Protocol. The JavaScript object returned by this library contains important metadata such as the description, image, and title.

diskover-web - Web file manager, disk space usage, storage search engine and file system analytics for diskover

  •    PHP

diskover-web is an open source web file manager, disk space usage, storage analytics and file search engine for diskover. It is designed to help you quickly search across your storage servers using your diskover Elasticsearch indices. With diskover-web you can visualize the file system meta data from your diskover crawls and get better insights into your data by viewing detailed disk usage analytics of your file systems. diskover-web also supports file and directory tagging. Files and directories can be tagged for keep, archive or delete, or with custom tags, and from there you can use the diskover-web API to access file info for any data moving you wish to do.

metadata-resource - a resource that passes the metadata of the job to the task

  •    Go

Implements a resource that passes to a task the metadata of the job. Caution: misuse may result in angry concourse developers. This resource was created for the sole purpose of linking the Artifactory artifacts to the current build.