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ChatKit - Android library

  •    Java

Need iOS and Android apps, MVP development or prototyping? Contact us via info@stfalcon.com. We develop software since 2009, and we're known experts in this field. Check out our portfolio and see more libraries from stfalcon-studio.

lsbridge - Using local storage as a communication channel

  •    Javascript

1K library for exchanging messages between tabs in a same browser. It uses the local storage as a communication channel. The story behind the library is available here.

vue-notifications - Vue.js agnostic library for non-blocking notifications

  •    Javascript

VueNotifications - agnostic library for non-blocking notifications. vue-notifications is "Vue.js agnostic non-blocking notifications library"... and it's a lie )) Seriously.

django-messages - A Django application handling private messages between users.

  •    Python

Django-messages enables your users to send private messages to each other. It provides a basic set of functionality that you would expect from such a system. Every user has an Inbox, an Outbox and a Trash. Messages can be composed and there is an easy, url-based approach to preloading the compose-form with the recipient-user, which makes it extremly easy to put "send xyz a message" links on a profile-page. Download the tar archive, unpack and run python setup.py install or checkout the trunk and put the django_messages folder on your PYTHONPATH. Released versions of django-messages are also available on pypi and can be installed with easy_install or pip.



Rotifier is a small application which will notify you of new messages and friend requests after a selected period of time.


  •    C

A powerful tool to be used by programmers to simulate Windows Messages in order to test their software.

growly - Simple zero-dependency Growl notifications using GNTP for Node.

  •    Javascript

Simple zero-dependency Growl notifications using GNTP. This module uses the Growl Network Transport Protocol (GNTP) which was implemented in Growl since version 1.3, so you must have an appropriate version of Growl installed for Growly to work.

pmq - A node.js addon for using POSIX message queues

  •    C++

A node.js addon for using POSIX message queues.messages() - Emitted every time the queue goes from empty to having at least one message.

angular-flare - Advance angular tool for flash messaging

  •    Javascript

Advanced angular tool for flash messaging. I've seen a few decent flash messaging tools out there for angular, but they always seemed to be missing a few features I needed/liked. So here is angular-flash. Note: it uses twitter bootstrap class names in the directive by default. Make sure to have the messages displayed somewhere (you can use the built in directive which leverages twitter bootstrap classes, or you can roll your own).

electron-better-ipc - Simplified IPC communication for Electron apps

  •    Javascript

The biggest benefit of this module over the built-in IPC is that it enables you to send a message and get the response back in the same call. This would usually require multiple IPC subscriptions. You can use this module directly in both the main and renderer process.

node-ipc - A simple inter process communication library for Node

  •    Javascript

A simple inter process communication library along with distributed election algorithm (Bully) for Node.js