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getty-examples - program examples of https://github.com/AlexStocks/getty

  •    Javascript

getty-examples alse shows a java like compile package. This example shows a simple tcp client and server.

luajit-msgpack-pure - MessagePack for LuaJIT (using FFI, no bindings, V4 API)

  •    Lua

This library implements MessagePack spec v4 with some extensions compatible with msgpack-js. It does not implement spec v5. If you need support for spec v5 (including STR8, BIN types, etc), see alternatives. This is yet another implementation of MessagePack for LuaJIT. However, unlike luajit-msgpack, luajit-msgpack-pure does not depend on the MessagePack C library. Everything is re-implemented in LuaJIT code (using the FFI but only to manipulate data structures).

msgp - A Go code generator and library for MessagePack - msgpack.org[Go]

  •    Go

This is a code generation tool and serialization library for MessagePack. You can read more about MessagePack in the wiki or at msgpack.org. Within the directory with the file where you placed that directive, run go generate.

libfluent - Library to send log as fluentd forwarding message

  •    C++

Fluentd library in C++. The library makes C++ program available to send logs to fluentd daemon directly.

Guide-to-Codable-Sample-Code - Xcode Playground Sample Code for the Flight School Guide to Codable

  •    Swift

This repository contains sample code used in the Flight School Guide to Swift Codable. Chapter 1 introduces Codable by way of a round-trip journey --- going from model to JSON representation and back again.

MessagePack - A MessagePack encoder and decoder for Codable types.

  •    Swift

A MessagePack encoder and decoder for Codable types. This functionality is discussed in Chapter 7 of Flight School Guide to Swift Codable.

MessagePack.FSharpExtensions - MessagePack Extensions for F#. / msgpack.org[F#]

  •    CSharp

MessagePack.FSharpExtensions is a MessagePack-CSharp extension library for F#.

mpack - MPack - A C encoder/decoder for the MessagePack serialization format / msgpack.org[C]

  •    C

The core of MPack contains a buffered reader and writer, and a tree-style parser that decodes into a tree of dynamically typed nodes. Helper functions can be enabled to read values of expected type, to work with files, to allocate strings automatically, to check UTF-8 encoding, and more. The MPack code is small enough to be embedded directly into your codebase. Simply download the amalgamation package and add mpack.h and mpack.c to your project.