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gollum - An n:m message multiplexer written in Go

Gollum is an n:m multiplexer that gathers messages from different sources and broadcasts them to a set of destinations.Gollum originally started as a tool to MUL-tiplex LOG-files (read it backwards to get the name). It quickly evolved to a one-way router for all kinds of messages, not limited to just logs. Gollum is written in Go to make it scalable and easy to extend without the need to use a scripting language.

Mbs framework

MBS redesign and implemnt CAB (Composite UI Application Block), it also integrate Message Bus, Ioc, and UI Plus-in.


NGinn.BPM - a BPM / Workflow engine for Microsoft.Net It's a lightweight workflow manager based on Petri nets and taking some ideas from BPMN. NGinn BPM helps automate business processes in large organizations, such as telecoms, by enabling to build workflows that coordinat...

cnats - A C client for NATS

A C client for the NATS messaging system.Go here for the online documentation.

csharp-nats - The official C# Client for NATS

A C# .NET client for the NATS messaging system.This Apcera supported client parallels the NATS GO Client.

nsq-event-bus - A tiny wrapper around NSQ topic and channel :rocket:

The nsq-event-bus package exposes a interface for emitting and listening events.