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merkle-dir - Create merkle trees from directories.

  •    Javascript

Create merkle trees from directories.Create a merkle tree covering directory and call fn with the possible error and the tree.

html-version - parse and modify html versions according to the html version spec

  •    Javascript

Return meta and link tags in an html string for info, a parsed version object.Update src with new meta and link tags that add to the previous version metadata.

bitcoin-merkle-proof - :evergreen_tree: Build and verify Bitcoin Merkle proofs

  •    Javascript

Bitcoin BIP37 adds support for merkleblock messages, which allow clients to download blocks that only include transactions relevant to them. The transactions are selected via a Bloom Filter.This module creates and verifies the Merkle proofs in a merkleblock message, and lists the included transactions which match the filter.

hyperemitter - Horizontally Scalable EventEmitter powered by a Merkle DAG

  •    Javascript

HyperEmitter is a horizontally scalable and persistent EventEmitter powered by a Merkle DAG. (Yes, it's like a blockchain). In other contexts, this concept is also called an EventStore. HyperEmitter uses protocol-buffers, specifically mafintosh's implementation, for handling message schemas, although custom codecs are also supported. The example below can be found and ran from the examples folder; it demonstrates how to connect two HyperEmitters together and how they both receive all messages sent.

gb_merkle_trees - General balanced binary Merkle trees for Erlang

  •    Erlang

An Erlang library that provides a dictionary-like storage for binaries using general balanced binary Merkle trees, with an interface similar to gb_trees. This library uses semantic versioning 2.0. If a change causes different root hashes to be generated for the same input data when entering or deleting, it is considered backwards incompatible.

merkle - Golang Merkle Tree Implementation. With hash.Hash interface for streaming support

  •    Go

Golang Merkle Tree Implementation, with hash.Hash interface for streaming support.

merkle - Merkle root algorithms in various languages

  •    C

Merkle root algorithms in various languages. A Merkle tree is a tree of hashes. Each node is formed by hashing the concatenation of the nodes below it. The leaves are formed by splitting the input data into segments and hashing each segment. The Merkle root is the root node of such a tree.

chainpoint-services - A microservices architecture for anchoring hashes to the blockchain at scale.

  •    Javascript

Chainpoint Services is at the Core of the Tierion Network and built as a modern microservices architecture. The services provided are generally composed of Node.js applications running within Alpine Linux Docker containers. These containers, while intended to be run within a full Docker orchestration system such as Kubernetes in production, run well on a single host using Docker Compose. This run method is suitable for development only.

caesar - An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library.

  •    CoffeeScript

An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library that lets you focus on writing applications that process data, not encrypted data. A lot of security officials will tell web developers that if they need to type the letters 'AES' then they're doing cryptography wrong. However, they rarely offer any actual secure options to help their audience complete that totally awesome NSA-proof application they've had in mind for the last couple of weeks. Combine this with the recent "Secure, Decentralized, and Anonymous {Insert Word Here} for Everyone!" fetish, and there has been astonishing amount of cryptographic code written recently that is not only difficult to peer review, but often buried within an application's core instead of left somewhere conspicuous. While this newfound affinity for cryptography is fantastic, not every one of these developers will want to dedicate the time and effort required to build a secure product before slapping on the label "It uses cryptography!" Or, perhaps even more disconcertingly, not every one of these developers is aware of the true power of modern cryptography.

bitcoin-proof - Merkle proof for a Bitcoin transaction

  •    Javascript

Merkle proof for a Bitcoin transaction. Computes the Merkle proof of a given transaction.

libkeybase-js - An library for processing keybase's signature tree.

  •    CoffeeScript

Various keybase libraries useful in Node or in the browser for manipulating site crypto.

js-dfinity-radix-tree - :evergreen_tree: This implements a binary merkle radix tree

  •    Javascript

🌲 This implements a binary merkle radix tree. The point of using a binary radix tree is that it generates smaller proof size then trees with larger radixes. This tree is well suited for storing large dictionaries of fairly random keys. And is optimized for storing keys of the same length. If the keys are not random better performance can be archived by hashing them first. It builds on top of ipld-graph-builder and the resulting state and proofs are generated using it. The result of the benchmarks show that the binary radix tree produces proofs on average 67% small then the Ethereum Trie with 100000 keys stored.

node-merkle-tree - A JS Merkle Tree implementation

  •    CoffeeScript

A JS Merkle Tree implementation, as used by keybase. All tests should pass.


  •    TypeScript

A binary merkle tree implemented as a persistent data structure. When dealing with large datasets, it is very expensive to merkleize them in their entirety. In cases where large datasets are remerkleized often between updates and additions, using ephemeral structures for intermediate hashes results in significant duplicated work, as many intermediate hashes will be recomputed and thrown away on each merkleization. In these cases, maintaining structures for the entire tree, intermediate nodes included, can mitigate these issues and allow for additional usecases (eg: proof generation). This implementation also uses the known immutability of nodes to share data between common subtrees across different versions of the data.

ipld-explorer-cli - Explore the IPLD directed acyclic graph with your keyboard

  •    Javascript

Change DAG. Changes the current working DAG node to the specified path. If the path is starts with /ipfs or is a CID then change to that path otherwise path is taken to be relative to the current working DAG path. Print working DAG. Prints the path of the current working DAG.

merkle-lib - A performance conscious library for merkle root and tree calculations.

  •    Javascript

A performance conscious library for merkle root and tree calculations. This implementation is vulnerable to a forgery attack as a second pre-image attack, see these[1][2] crypto.stackexchange questions for an explanation. To avoid this vulnerability, you should pre-hash your leaves using a different hash function than the function provided such that H(x) != H'(x).

merkletreejs-solidity - Construct merkle trees with MerkleTree

  •    Javascript

> Construct merkle trees with [MerkleTree.js](https://github.com/miguelmota/merkletreejs) and verify merkle proofs in [Solidity](https://github.com/ethereum/solidity).

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